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Why Would You Want to Tape Your Mouth?



Most of us breathe through our noses but there are some who breathe through their mouths - and this can lead to different problems.  Fundamentally, noses are for breathing and mouths are for eating but that is not always the case in practice.

Of course we all breathe - with the the average human taking twelve to sixteen breaths per minute.

If we breathe through our noses both night and day, then all is well.

But even though we might be able to keep those mouths closed during the day, it is not always possible during sleep.  And that can lead to discomfort and even health problems.

Mouth taping has found to a way to overcome this habit and here is why... 

1.  Mouth taping can mean improved sleeping habits

We all know how important a good night's sleep is, helping our bodies to rest, recover and recuperate - and to get rid of toxins.  Breathing ensures a relaxation response while  maintaining deep sleep and progressing through the stages of the sleep cycle.  Our noses help us to maintain homeostasis by balancing the autonomic nervous system, protecting us from stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.  We can wake up feeling stronger and more refreshed. 

2. Mouth taping improves oral health

Yes, taping means possibly avoiding unnecessary dental procedures.  This is because mouth breathing can dry out your mouth and decrease that all important saliva production.  You might not know that saliva is critical to washing away bacteria in our mouths - and to neutralizing any acid.  And in addition, dry mouth is one of the leading causes of gum disease which can even go further and lead to other health issues.

3.  Preventing snoring is another health benefit

If snoring is a problem for your or your sleeping partner, then mouth taping could be the answer.   As we sleep, the muscles in and around our mouth relax, causing it to fall open and then closing our respiratory airway.  This can end up with those mouth snores.  Apart from disturbing our partner during their sleep, snoring can also be a precursor to sleep apnea - that serious sleep disorder that in turn can lead to cardiovascular and cognitive disorders.  All these possible problems can be resolved by mouth taping as you sleep.

4.  You can boost your immune system by mouth taping

Mouth taping provides your immune system with an extra layer of defence because when you breathe through your nose, it gives you more of a fighting chance against the twin problems of disease and infection,  This is because our nose filters the air we breathe getting rid of unwanted bacteria.  Mouth taping can also mean a decreased risk of catching a cold and other germs because they get caught in the mucus lining the nose and down to the bronchi when you breathe in through your nose and not your mouth.

5.  Blood pressure can be lowered 

Our breathing is closely tied to our blood pressure.  And mouth taping while you sleep is one way to help control your blood pressure.  This is because the increased nitric oxide production that occurs with nose breathing reduces blood pressure by expanding your blood vessels - and increasing the ability to transport oxygen throughout your body. 

6.  Waking up with a sense of well being

Mouth breathing can mean waking up with a rough feeling throat or a sinus headache.  Mouth taping can get rid of these side effects of mouth breathing as well as dry mouth, chapped lips and nasal congestion.   If this sounds familiar to you, changing to nose breathing through mouth taping can mean a much better waking up in the morning.   

If you decide to start mouth taping, care is needed

Never use duct tape, packing tape, or any other adhesive that is not intended to be worn on skin.  Instead invest in specialist mouth strips that are single-use strips made especially for lips. 

Look for such specialist products that have been extensively biocompatibility tested to ensure that they will not cause any irritation or leave residue behind. 

They should also be hypoallergenic, latex-free and gluten-free allowing even those with adhesive allergies remain safe.  Such products even feature a filtered breathing vent that allows for limited oral airflow and hands-free removal.