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Why You Should Reward Yourself With A Professional Massage | Amoils.com

Close-up shot of a woman during the seance of facial massage in beauty spa It was not so long ago that going for spa treatments, including massage therapy, was really just for the rich and famous. But now that has all changed as there are so many establishments that have sprung up offering reasonably priced treatments enabling more of us to be able to afford to benefit.

Health benefits of a massage

Many of today’s health problems can benefit from massage therapy because the manipulation of soft tissues affects so many of our bodily systems. Massage is becoming an integral part of hospital and hospice care as well as in neonatal intensive care units. Many hospitals are using onsite massage practitioners to treat post surgery or pain patients as part of the recovery process. Years ago, massage was a big part of nursing. But these days nurses are just too busy to even consider the healing touch.

The list of the benefits is almost endless

• Alleviate low back pain • Help shorten and ease labor in pregnancy • Lessen the need for medication for various ailments • Boost the immune system by stimulating lymph flow • Athletes can prepare for as well as recover from strenuous workouts • Exercise and stretch the muscles for those who have been ill or incapacitated or relax and soften those muscles that are injured, tired or overused • Increase joint flexibility • Uplift the spirits thereby helping with any depression or anxiety • Foster peace of mind and a feeling of well being • Scar tissue and stretch marks can be improved by promoting tissue regeneration • Improve circulation • Help with post surgery recovering by reducing adhesions and swellings • Help with spasms and cramping • Help with pain by releasing endorphins • Relieve migraine pain • Helps relieve tension related headaches and the effects of eye strain • Enhance the health and nourishment of skin • Improve posture • Enhance sleep quality helping with insomnia and restless leg syndrome or RLS • Improve concentration • Reduce fatigue • Ease aches, stiffness and pain in arthritis sufferers • Asthmatic sufferers have better pulmonary function with an increased peak air flow • Ease pain, itching and anxiety in burn injury patients • Lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety and stress hormones in those patients with high blood pressure • Lessen erratic behavior in autistic children • Improve weight gain in pre term infants • Decrease water retention and cramping in those with PMS • Alleviate the tensions of a modern fast lifestyle

Essential oils

Massage can be enjoyed by most people, young and old and is fast becoming mainstream and recognized. When aromatherapy is incorporated into a skilled massage, the benefits of the massage are strengthened as the “healing essential oils” have their own powerful therapeutic properties, benefiting the whole person. The essential oils of plants and trees promote health of body and serenity of mind. If you are asking yourself whether you can afford massage therapy, instead perhaps you should be questioning, whether with all the benefits, you can afford not to have a professional massage. And the more often you have a massage, the greater the benefits. Think of massage treatments as part of your health insurance. Go on… it is no longer considered pampering!