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It's Not Just Women Who Worry About Wrinkles

We always think that it is females who worry about their skin and whether wrinkles have started appearing.  But men can be affected too and wrinkles may even begin to appear as young as in their twenties. Even into their thirties, men can get away with a small laughter line or even crinkles near the eyes, giving them a certain charm.  However, these lines can deepen with age and then can become more of a problem.  It is only in recent times that men have been encouraged to care for their skin, they just weren't raised to do so in the past.

Why do men get wrinkles?

  1. Too much sun exposure.  The number one reason is said to be spending time in the sun and of course the paler you are, the more likely your skin is going to become damaged.  Such damage is also determined by age and how long you spend in the sun.  Repeated exposure to sunlight causes those collagen fibers beneath the skin to break down, leading to increased wrinkling.  While enjoying the sun is great for upping our vitamin D levels, it is wise to keep the face covered or shaded to protect from wrinkles.
  2. Smoking.  Even though smoking has had a bad press for decades now, there are still many who take a chance by continuing to smoke even though it is so evident that this habit damages the skin and of course leads to facial aging.
  3. Hormones.  Hormones are another reason for wrinkles when their levels change with aging.  At the same time, testosterone often leads to a thickening of the skin in males, reducing its elasticity and leading to wrinkles.
  4. The color and tone of the skin.  Melanin is the most important skin coloring pigment, helping to protect the skin against any harmful rays of sunlight.  Those with lighter skin will as a general run wrinkle more quickly than those with a darker skin tone.
  5. Gaining or losing weight.  A fuller face will tend to cover up any wrinkles but as you age (and lose  more of the subcutaneous fat that lies just beneath the skin), wrinkles will appear much more noticeable - especially on the face.
  6. Gravity plays a part too.  It becomes very apparent when you study the face of an older adult to see the results of gravity - especially the mouth and forehead areas.
  7. Facial expressions and frown lines.  Those frown lines between the eyebrows as well as the crow's feet spreading from the corners of the eyes are another type of wrinkle that will appear in men.  These are caused by regular small muscle contractions as well facial expressions that become a habit.
  8. It is in the genes!  Of course some families have more of a tendency to wrinkle than others - and this tendency may be part of your genetics and one that will take a bit more work on your part to avoid.
  9. What you eat.  Eating an unhealthy diet loaded with processed foods and sugar is not the way to improve the skin and keep the wrinkles away.
  10. Poor sleep habits.  We all need regular and good quality sleep for so many reasons and if you’re not getting a full night’s rest, your skin can’t get the hydration it needs to fight off wrinkles.

Biological factors can also play a role in how quickly we develop wrinkles and fine lines. For instance, men and women do not age at the same rate due to the differences in their skin.

Men have much higher levels of testosterone, which activates the sebaceous glands to produce increased amounts of oil. The good news for men is that while this oil production may give some men trouble with acne, it also moisturizes the skin to keep it youthful-looking for longer.

It has also been found that that men can get fewer wrinkles around their mouths because of their beards because of a higher number of sebaceous glands around the mouth.   

Now we know that while you cannot change your skin tone or your inherited genes, you can protect your skin and give up smoking. 

There is also a lot you can do to feed and nourish your skin - especially on the face - to minimize the appearance of those fine lines.


Men who care about their appearance should start a regular regime of taking care of their skin, choosing to cleanse, to moisturize and to add back nutrients.

And it might take their partner to persuade them to do so...

Three top ways for men to take care of their skin and prevent those wrinkles

Number one is to clean the skin

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Next it is time to moisturize

Our Simply Face Oil is a one of a kind all purpose moisturizing oil which leaves no sticky residue.  You will soon see how quickly your skin will drink in the moisturizer as it promotes clear, glowing skin.  The ingredients help to tighten and tone the skin with its rich concentration of vitamins, minerals and powerful anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and squalene.  

Skin Cleanser

And then to finish off...

It is the turn of H-Glow Formula - our ultimate product to help you look and feel younger.  There are thousands of anti-aging creams and serums available but nature supplies all the desired ingredients to enhance our natural beauty.

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