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Wrinkles & Do They Have a Future?

Girl having problems with skin looking in the mirror How do you feel about wrinkles? Were you horrified when they started to appear or do you look upon them as a necessary part of growing older? Would you make them less noticeable if you could? Wrinkles and the global anti-aging beauty market is big business with an annual value of over one hundred billion dollars which says a lot about how many people actually feel about the onset of wrinkles and other signs of aging. They want to get rid of them!

New USA research on wrinkles

Scientists are convinced they have made a groundbreaking discovery which could mean wrinkles can be banished - but not overnight! They have identified a natural way to regenerate those fatty cells that we know will keep our skin looking smooth and young. Their work focussed on scarring. Fat cells (known as adipocytes) are normally found in the skin but are actually lost when scars form - and as we age. When these fat cells disappear, this is the main reason why wrinkles develop.

Hair follicles hold the key to preventing wrinkles

The researchers found in their lab studies that hair follicles held the key to keeping healing skin scar-free and smooth. The hair follicles did this by releasing a vital signalling molecule which in turn instructed the scar-forming cells found in healing wounds (and known as myofibroblasts) to transform themselves into adipocytes or fat cells. It then took years of research to work out how to turn the myofibroblasts into the fat cells - but without causing scarring at the same time. According to their recent article in the journal Science, the researchers (from the University of Pennsylvania) claim success after tests in mice and on human scar-forming tissue. Professor George Cotsarelis said that they had been able to manipulate wound healing so that it lead to skin regeneration. He added: "The secret is to regenerate hair follicles first. After that, the fat will regenerate in response to the signals from those follicles. Our findings can potentially move us toward a new strategy to regenerate adipocytes in wrinkles skin, which could lead us to brand new anti-aging treatments."

Results on a large scale could be many years away

It has taken researchers many years to reach this stage and, of course, it is more than likely that you and I will not see any products available to put this research into practice for many years to come. But don't let that make you despair! There are many other ways to help prevent wrinkles in the first place or to lessen the appearance of those that are already there.

How to help prevent or lessen wrinkles

Here are some ways: Astaxanthin is especially important for both males and females to use as they grow older and there are several reasons for this. One is that astaxanthin is an excellent adjunct to vitamin D, acting as an internal sunscreen when it helps to protect the skin from all types of radiation. The other is that astaxanthin works to rejuvenate the skin, improving: crow’s feet wrinkle size and elasticity; age spot size; moisture content and loss; skin texture; and sebum oil level. How about a natural botox face mask with simple ingredients and suitable for all skin types? Use the recipe for a daily mask for at least three weeks for a noticeable improvement in the skin. Avoid dietary sugars as well as food cooked at high temperatures which could lead to aging and wrinkles. This is because of Wrinkles and the link with glycation. Do you use face wipes to clean the makeup from your face each night? These are not a good idea as we explain in our earlier post Face wipes and their link with wrinkles.

The prevention of and protection from wrinkles

Smooth, blemish-free skin helps to keep us looking younger but it is not just from the outside as we need to keep our skin wrinkle-free from the inside too. Our skin comprises two layers and wrinkles can start in either layer. That all-important collagen can be greatly boosted by what we put into our bodies so it is vital to avoid smoking, inflammation, insufficient nutrients in the diet, too little oxygen, too much stress and the perils of air pollution. Think about your lifestyle choices for working from the inside while our own H-Glow Formula will give you the help you might need from the outside in.   glow1