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  • How to Have Attractive Looking Nails All Year Round

    There is no reason why you should not have lovely nails summer, winter - and all the months in between.  And those gorgeous nails can be achieved in a more natural way too.
  • How Can You Help To Get Rid of a Horrible Headache?

    No one wants to suffer from the debilitating effects of a headache. A headache is the symptom of pain in the face, head or neck. It can occur as a migraine, tension-type headache or cluster headache.  We share some simple natural remedies...


  • Time to Make Your Eyes Sparkle Naturally

    Let your eyes come alive - don't let them become dull, lifeless and bloodshot which can be due to lack of sleep, long working hours, too much screen time, alcohol and smoking, becoming dehydrated and even health problems.  Often just a few lifestyle changes can give you clear and sparkling eyes!  We share ten top natural tips to put the sparkle back into your eyes...


  • Even Old Father Thames Cannot Escape From Plastic Pollution

    The River Thames has become so severely polluted with plastic that it is reshaping its shores and harming its wildlife.
  • Keep Cool in Summer with this Green Tea Ice Treat for your Face

    Whether it is hot or cold, if you have to wear a mask on your face at certain times, you are going to feel warm and uncomfortable on the skin that has to be covered.  But there is a solution...

  • Do You Stop to Think About the Drawbacks of Using Hand Sanitizers?

    We know they are everywhere - and it is hard to avoid them - but could hand sanitizers be causing you more harm than good?
  • How To Refresh Family Relationships

    Lockdowns seem to come and go and we may have to live with them on and off for some time to come, ensuring that families spend more time together than perhaps they would in more normal times.

    This can of course put a strain on family relationships.  We share some ways in which we can ease that strain...

  • Fireworks Have Hidden Dangers

    There are frequent occasions during the year when different countries have reason to celebrate – and often that celebration will take the form of a fireworks display.

    However exciting such a display may be, research is now coming forward to point out that toxic chemicals can affect the air quality when fireworks are set off.

  • Do We Want to Become a Cashless Society?

    For centuries past, buyers and sellers have traded using coins and then later on bank notes as well. 

    More recently, debit and credit cards have become the currency of choice for many and, during the times of lockdown, many stores and business decided not to accept cash.

    But do we really want to become a cashless society?

  • Natural Tips to Treat Those Rosacea Outbreaks

      Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that is surprisingly common.  Some 16 million Americans suffer from it - but perhaps it does not get ...
  • Our Feet Need those Antioxidants as much as the Rest of our Bodies!

    We expect a lot from our feet and yet so often they are way down the list of our priorities for looking after our health.  One of the ways in which our feet can benefit and help the rest of our bodies too is by getting into the habit of grounding or earthing.  Find out more…



  • How to Learn to Live with Those Face Masks and the Acne Outbreaks They Can Cause

    There is a new name for a skin condition doing the rounds and that is maskne. It is attributed to the acne outbreaks that can be caused by having to wear masks or other face coverings especially when they have to be worn for prolonged periods. We share some ways in which you can help prevent
    this skin condition…