H-Arthritis Reviews

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Malcolm G. - York, England


If it was not for Healing Naturel Oils I would not still be playing golf because of my bad knee there Arthritis oil does the job



Gloria A., Carlsbad, CA


Your customer service is great and it was good to be able to talk to someone who knows about your product. Your oils smell so nice and they have made such a difference to my hands. I have had arthritis for a few years and sometimes it was difficult to even bend my fingers, what a relief your product makes - thank you!



Geoffrey Makau – Kenya


H-Arthritis medicine has worked miracles for me that I no longer experience the finger joint pains anymore, even on my knees and shoulders. I hope this testimony will assist somebody somewhere. Thank you for now, when I save enough will buy the H-Scars since I have some keloid scar on my chest. Bye-bye!



S Wagner, Philadelphia


I go to a Seniors Center near my home on many mornings to meet with others, play cards and enjoy a cup of coffee. I often have a moan and a groan about the arthritis in my hands to my friends and one of them suggested I try H-Arthritis for the inflammation and muscle pain that I feel in the joints of my hands.

Using your product does take a bit of effort because I have to remember to use it 3 times a day but I suppose it is worth it because after a few weeks of diligent use, my hands have really improved and are so much easier to use including when I am playing cards and drinking that coffee. Even my friends have noticed the difference and I am suffering little or no pain.



Maggie M, Catskill Mountains


I like to think of myself as “young at heart” and always on the go and busy, so I was upset to notice the start of arthritis in my right hand when some of the knuckles became swollen and tender.

I decided straight away that I was not going to go the pharmaceutical drugs route and looked online for natural products to ease the symptoms of arthritis. I found H-Arthritis and have been using it for some weeks (together with some changes in my diet) and am very pleased to report that those symptoms are much improved. The swelling has gone down and I am experiencing very little tenderness.

I intend to keep on using your product indefinitely as a preventative and to keep any arthritis symptoms at bay.



Bruce N, Wisconsin


I have had osteoarthritis symptoms for some months and these included joint soreness and morning stiffness in my left leg so that I found myself limping. All the time I have been going for regular physiotherapy where they encourage me to exercise in between my physio sessions. One of the physiotherapists also recommended that I order H-Arthritis which I did.

I have found that using H-Arthritis helps to ease that joint soreness and morning stiffness to such an extent that I now have very little pain and I can walk without limping. Thank you for a very helpful product.

I will certainly recommend it to any fellow arthritis sufferers.



Phil, Austin, TX


I have aches in my knees which I was told is arthritis and I've been using the product for about 4 weeks now. I have noticed an improvement. it is a bit easier for me to sit down and stand up and has provided a lot of alleviation but I was expecting to be able to jump up and down like a young un again which is maybe not too reasonable given I am over seventy. I was happy overall with the product performance but maybe I was expecting a bit too much.



Gertrude, Miami, FL


Really impressed. This is a miracle product, thank you Amoils! My lifestyle has been improved so much since using this product. I am able to do a lot of the activities that used to be problematic like gardening for example. I am just so much happier now, I did not realize how much it was getting to me not being to dig in the garden or to pick my grandchildren up without grimacing. I called in to place my order as I like to speak to someone rather than order online. The lady I spoke to was very helpful, nice and courteous. The standard shipping option had the package arrive in 3 days and I was considering upgrading to faster shipping even. Great all around service and quality, thanks.



Sue Kramer, Arlington, TX


I am so impressed with your arthritis product and have been telling all my friends about it. I love natural products as they are more in harmony with the body. The stiffness in my knees has really been soothed and I feel happy getting up in the morning again!!



Robbie, MT


I bought a bottle of your arthritis product a few weeks ago and I wanted to send you a quick line to let you know that it has worked really well for me. I have much more flexibility in my joints and my legs. The product does just what it says it does and that is get rid of these horrible symptoms and relieve the pain. I would have given you the whopping 5 stars but I found your website a bit confusing, lets just call this a 4.5 :) Thanks for some good stuff



Marilyn, Boca Raton, FL


Hi my name is Marilyn and I am 89 years old. I wanted to share with you my experience with your product that my grandson got for me. Arthritis is a daily problem for me. I am always taking pain meds and recently went to my doctor for even stronger medication. It was a slight relief for my joints but my finger tips and knuckles were so bad that nothing could really give me any type of solid relief without being heavily sedated. At my age its really not good for me. One day my grandson Eric told me about an arthritis relief product that your company was offering, he said he used your product warts and noticed the arthritis one. He really did swear by the wart product so told me he would buy me a bottle of the arthritis relief, hoping it would be just as good. The following week he brought me the bottle and told me to just rub it into the problem areas. I promise you it was almost as if just the scent alone soothed me as I felt a bit better right away. After a few days of using it I really could tell a difference, the pain periods were getting less and I had much more movement in my wrist and fingers. I am now a frequent user of this arthrtis product, it really relieves my discomfort like nothing else can. Thank you so so much, I am so happy to be off these harsh medications and be using something so natural and wonderful smelling. With regards Marilyn, Boca Raton, FL