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  4.5 out of 5 (8 Reviews)
H-Athletes Foot 5 18th May 2012

Jeremy Ronalds - Cleveland, OH


I've started using this product after powders and athletes foot creams were drying my feet out too much and making them really sore. The pharmacist told me I could expect some drying out, but I wasn't expecting this. I found this natural product online and read all the reviews, I liked the guarantee too and so quickly placed an order. Shipping was fast and I was happy to start using the oil earlier than expected. I've only been using it for a week and my feet and toes look and feel so much better now. I'm extremely happy with what I'm seeing! Thanks!



Tracey M - Dallas


My son plays basketball and even though I always ensure he has clean socks, he complained of itching feet. I researched online to find something to help and can across your site and natural products. I ordered the Athlete's Foot product and he has been using it as per your instructions. I am happy to report that the itchiness and discomfort has gone after only 5 days of use but he is continuing with it for another week to make sure.



Anderson Thompson - Cleveland, OH


I bought a bottle of your H-Athlete's Foot formula not too long ago and it worked really well for me. My doctor diagnosed me with athlete's foot. I work out frequently and was not surprised since I also sweat a bit during my work outs. My doc recommended the over the counter treatment and I bought a tube of it and used it all up but it did absolutely nothing other than making me more itchy than I already was. So that was useless. After that I took to Google to find a solution and that was when I saw amoils.com as well as a few other products. I did a bit of research on your site and on the other sites and decided on your product for the money back guarantee and the priority shipping option. 1 week later and I very pleased to report my fungus is gone, my skin is smooth and I'm back at the gym 100% again. This formula is great, I bought a spare bottle to keep at home just incase. One recommendation I have is the application, would be cool if it was a roll on or something, but anyway thanks very much, please post my review as four stars. Thanx



Cindy - Los Angeles CA


I did not imagine I would have an issue with flaking skin and fungus on my feet. I thought it was really a guy thing so I was eager to get it sorted out as soon as possible and ordered your H-Athlete's Foot Formula. Your service is great and the person I spoke with in your customer care was very helpful. She said I would have to use the oils 3 times a day and throw out all my socks as the fungus cannot be removed by washing. I like the clean smell of the product and the ease of use. The skin on my feet is now smooth and even colored. Thank goodnessI found your product! I will keep a bottle handy and I have ordered your H-Stretch Marks Formula too!



Albert S from Cypress, CA



I was not very clever because I let my athletes foot condition take a real hold before I made the effort to do anything about it. In fact it even spread to my groin area so that I ended up with jock itch too.

I was annoyed when I had to order two different products for two separate conditions instead of just one – H-Athletes Foot and H-Jock Itch Formula. It is a big shame that I cannot use the same product for both conditions and save myself some money.

But both products passed the test and got rid of all my painful and itchy symptoms. It was a big relief.




John B from Denver


I go to the gym several times a week to work out and try to be careful and remember not to go walking about barefoot but I must have slipped up a couple of times because I ended up with athletes foot and it nearly drove me mad with the itching.

Your product arrived in good time but I was disappointed when I received a bottle of oil and not an easy-to-use tube of something. But even so, your H-Athletes Foot did a good job of getting rid of all the itching and other symptoms of this irritating condition. I sure hope I never get it again.



Otto A from Encinitas, CA


I usually wear socks and shoes 100% of the time except when I use the company showers and so I was surprised to find that I had athletes foot between the toes. I was also surprised at how itchy and painful it was.

I try and avoid over-the-counter or prescription medications if I can, preferring to use a more natural approach so I was pleased to find H-Athletes Foot online.

I liked using your product and it was only about 3 weeks before all signs and symptoms of the athletes foot had completely disappeared.



Paul C from New Orleans


I live in a very humid climate which means that if you get a fungus condition, it can be hard to get rid of. And I picked up athletes foot – probably from the pool where I train.

Luckily for me, I was able to order H-Athletes Foot online to deal with the problem. My athletes foot is a problem no longer! All the itching and soreness has gone and my feet look so much better again. I was beginning to despair that they would never look normal. But the best part is that there is no more itchiness. Thanks to your company for this product.