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H-Hemorrhoids P 5 11th June 2012

Wanda - Raleigh, NC


When I was 6 months pregnant, I was still working full time and in my job as a supervisor I had to spend a large part of the day standing. Then I had a couple of days of constipation and from the straining to make a bowel movement, I got painful hemorrhoids. These became even more painful when the hemorrhoids turned into large lumps protruding from my anal area.

I was horrified at what was happening and things became even worse when the hemorrhoids started to itch. I needed some help fast. And I went on line to find this help. I sent off for your product especially as it was formulated for pregnant and nursing mothers and I also followed some of the tips you give on line while I was waiting for the product to be delivered. Fortunately, it did not take too long and even after the first application of H-Hemorrhoids P I experienced immediate relief.

Now after some 3 days have gone by, I find that the hemorrhoids have completely gone - what a relief. I would like to thank you for all your help. I am going to do my best from now on to stick to a sensible and healthy diet so that I do not get constipated and I do not get hemorrhoids again.



Sarah - Boise, ID


I have had 4 pregnancies and every time during the time of giving birth I have ended up with hemorrhoids - something to do with the strain of all the pushing that goes on. The last 3 pregnancies I have had to put up with the pain and discomfort for quite a long time before the hemorrhoids cleared up.

But this time around, I resolved that I would make better preparation. During my pregnancy, I asked my brother (who is very keen on searching the internet) if he would do something for me and find me something I could use after giving birth if I got those wretched hemorrhoids again. Well he was very kind and did quite a bit of searching and decided that your product sounded like the one for me. He even ordered and paid for it for me as a present.

When the time came for me to give birth, I was ready and prepared and sure enough back came the hemorrhoids again. But this time I had a plan of action and my plan of action was to use your H-Hemorrhoids P. Success! Your product worked so well that I suffered very little pain and discomfort and the healing process was quickly under way.

That pregnancy was surely my last one but I know what to do whatever happens in the future.



Marcia - Portland, OR


I recently gave birth to my first child and I was pushing so hard during the labor that I ended up with hemorrhoids. I was not too pleased about this as you can imagine - it was bad enough that I had to put up with stitches and that pain and discomfort without the addition of hemorrhoids.

So I just had to do something about it. I went on at my husband so much that he went on line to find a solution which he did. He found your H-Hemorrhoids P and he ordered it straight away. He could not stand my moaning any more! My package arrived the next day and I was able to start my treatment without delay and it helped me straight away too. After a couple of hours, I could walk around much more easily and within 2 days the hemorrhoids had all but disappeared.

Now I was going on at my husband about how wonderful he was to have found this product - there was certainly no more moaning. If we have any more babies, I will be prepared next time.