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H-Candida 5 19th May 2012

Kelly C from San Diego, CA


I dislike using anything in or on my body that is not natural or organic. I feel very strongly about it. So much so that all my family think I am a bit of a pain. So I was horrified when I found that both my husband and I were suffering from a yeast infection (vaginal for me and penile for him) and it was bouncing back and forth between the two of us. I just had to find something natural and H-Candida sounded the right kind of product for us to use. We could even share a large bottle and save money. We were very diligent in using as instructed and within a couple of weeks, we could both sound the “all clear”. Many thanks for providing a natural product that was safe and successful for us to use.



K. R. - Perth, Australia


This candida relieve is really nice, I wanted to just say thanks, I used a bottle of it not too long ago and I had some good results, best I have had or seen with any other product on the market. I live in Australia and I really wish there was a faster way of getting it here otherwise it would have been SIX stars haha. It took about 10 days to get to me, but I just make sure I have some in supply now. Thank you



Rose - Kent, London


Professional company, professional product. Service was great when I called in to ask a few questions before placing an order. Shipping was quick (4 days to me out here in the sticks) private and discreet as promised on site and the product performs as is promoted on the website. 5 stars.



Catherine Wells - Las Vegas, NV


My order was somehow lost by USPS, I waited 7 days and contacted Amoils about the package, they apologized and said the package was shipped out and should have been received and that they would send out a replacement package. That arrived 3 days later. They did offer to reship the package which was nice, but I was still disappointed that it took 10 days to receive the shipment. The product worked well and my condition improved a lot. Definitely a good cheaper alternative as I have a lot left over so it must last a long time. Still disappointed about the shipping though even if it was USPS's fault.



Janet B - Pensacola Florida


I live in such a humid climate which I think contributes to thrush. As every woman knows, it is so uncomfortable and also embarrassing. My diet is pretty good but I think I am just susceptible to this. Anyway, I have used your oil twice in the last 6 months with great success and I want to let others know what a great product it is. You are worthy of 5 stars form me.

-Janet B


Helen Simpson


What a great website! I found it very simple and easy to use and love the natural products. I have used your hemorrhoid oil and recommeded it to all my close friends so I felt really confident that your candida product would help with the burning itchy symptoms of my yeast infection. As you suggest in your instructions, I stayed away from sugar and wheat and ate plain yogurt. Using the product is quick and simple and it immediately stopped the itch. Within a few days I felt so much better and after another week I was back to normal. Thanks for your excellent products.



Frank Denomei - Sac Town, CA


Wow wow wow I never thought I could get to a stage when I didnt have to worry about these horrible yeast infections. I have been getting them for the past 5+ years and I did everything from change my diet to see physicians to taking all sorts of drugs and the problem just kept recurring and recurring. I got a bottle of your H-candida and was happy to see that it works on men and women, you would be surprised how many products are JUST for women and its frustrating as this problem is definitely not only a women's issue. Anyways that was a Plus immediately, the directions were really easy and I was happy to not have to put anything into my actual body, I'm all about topical and hate to digest drugs, another plus! But the biggest plus of all is that it frickin works like a charm I have not had a recurrence for about 4 months now and for me thats a first - you guys rock!



Sandy D from Vancouver, Canada – 3 stars


I don't have much money to spare and I was worried about spending on your product as I know that pure essential oils can be costly but on the other hand good health is priceless. Thank you for producing something for my vaginal thrush that does what is necessary to make sure it goes away, in spite of the cost.

-Sandy D


Olive B from Queens, NJ


My husband suffers from obesity and has many health problems which I have to help him with. One of these has been a tendency to develop yeast infections in those skin folds under his arms and even on his stomach.

I persuaded him to cut down on his wheat, dairy and sugar consumption (which he would not normally do) but when I told him that the yeast infection was feeding on these, he had a change of heart. Now I am applying your oil as instructed and after some weeks, I have noticed a huge improvement.

Although your product is not a speedy solution, I will keep on using H-Candida until everything has cleared up completely.



Annie T from Las Vegas


I recently suffered from a chronic strep throat infection and was prescribed a potent course of antibiotics. Although the infection cleared up, I was left with a bad case of vaginal thrush – I don't know which was worse, the strep throat or the thrush.

But then I had some good luck because I found your product online.

It took some perseverance and nearly 3 weeks but in the end we got there. No more sign of the vaginal thrush. I cannot tell you how relieved I feel.