H-Cold Sores Formula Reviews

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Mary Unsworth - Cork, Ireland


I love these products! I have been quite a sickly person my whole life and get fever blisters and styes every time I get sick, without fail. Over the years I have tried many different fever blister treatments with varied success. Often one would work for a certain period of time but then fail the next time I used it. I guess the virus built up a resistance to the drugs I was using. I first found out about your products from a natural health related blog that I read from time to time. They ran an article on cold sores and your outbreak treatments. I ordered and waited patiently for it to arrive continuing to use a cortisone cream in the mean time. It took about a week to arrive here which was actually quite fast compared to when I normally order things from the US. I started using H-Cold Sores immediately as I was at the tail end of a rather large fever blister and the cortisone cream wasn't doing all I would have liked it to. The blister started to dry out and disappear a few days later I was quite impressed. H-Cold Sores stopped it in its tracks before it even had a chance to come up. As I said before, I love these products! I keep a bottle of H-Cold Sores handy but hardly ever, if at all, have to use it. It's been 2 years now and only twice have I had to use your products.




Dave - Seattle, WA


This product works so well! I don't get cold sores often at all so opted for the H-Cold Sores product as that seemed to be what I needed. The first time I used it my cold sore was gone inside 10 days when before it's taken sometimes 3 weeks to disappear. I was told that it often works a lot better on subsequent occasions and I wasn't disappointed! About 6 months later I could feel what I thought was another one brewing. It came up about a day later but I had already had a full days applications in and the little sucker disappeared 2 days after that. I am very impressed with this product, it's way better than any of the other cold sore treatments I've tried. Thank you!