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H-Cracked Heels 5 22nd May 2012

Madeline - Georgia


I am a busy mother and tend to neglect my feet so the dryness just got worse and worse until my heels got cracks which were so painful. I have used many creams and lotions but they did not help. A friend of mine uses your oils for stretch marks and loves it so when she suggested your oils for heels I decided to try it as you do have a money back guarantee. WHat a change in the look and feel of the skin on my feet! It took about a week for the cracks to smooth out and a further week for the dryness to soften and now my feet look so good even my husband commented on them. I am going to keep using the oils so that I don't get those nasty cracks. Thank you amoils.



Mrs Lockey - Cape Town, South Africa


4 stars. Did the job I wanted it to and improved the look of my cracked heels and the dry skin on my feet. My feet feel so much better now. Took about a week but feels great now.

-Mrs Lockey


Meghan O


My husband's feet were looking so ugly and he was complaining about the cracking and roughness. I researched different products and when I found your natural products, decided that he should try the one for cracked heels. He used it morning and evening and within a week or two his skin looked totally different. He is very impressed and I am relieved I no longer have to hear his complaints. The H-cracked heels sure deserves 5 stars :)



Adie M from San Diego, CA


At the end of last summer I ordered your H-Cracked Heels because by then my heels were in a terrible state from wearing flip flops for months. I was really guilty of neglect.

The oil worked well on those symptoms of peeling and flaking skin and even where the skin turned yellow and became inflamed. Before long all the itching had gone and I was no longer scratching at my heels. By the time 3 weeks had elapsed, my heels were completely back to normal.

My only complaint was that I did not like the smell of the formula. I don't know why – it just did not appeal to me. But I did not let it put me off continuing to the end. And I will make sure to use the product again this summer as a preventative.



Odette C from Cypress, CA


When I see other people with cracked heels, I am always a bit disgusted and then it happened to me. I knew I had to do something pretty quickly before the condition got worse.

I ordered your product online. There was a bit of a hiccup with the delivery but once that was sorted out satisfactorily, I quickly started to use it.

The specialized care H-Cracked Heels gave to my feet soon prevented the pain and got rid of the symptoms.



Sheila H from South Carolina


I recently found that the dry skin on my heels was becoming thick and hard all round the edges and it was painful when I had to walk. Fortunately, your product gave my feet the 5 star treatment when I used it consistently and as per your instructions.

My feet, and especially the heel area, are now silky smooth.



Heleen W from Manhatten


Girls are notorious for doing all kinds of bad things to their feet and I am no exception.

Once the weather is warmer, I love to wear sandals or flip flops most of the day and of course these are not good for those feet especially when you have to stand a lot like I do.

Luckily I have been using H-Cracked Heels for sometime now and the minute I notice a problem starting, I massage in a few drops for a few days and it keeps my feet healthy and crack-free.