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H Fissures P 5 7th June 2012

Marcie B of Los Angeles


It was very comforting to feel safe using H-Fissures P because I am breastfeeding my newborn. I was fine through all of my pregnancy but the anal fissures only developed after the natural delivery of my baby when all the pushing obviously did some damage. The product started to help as soon as I received and applied it, giving me almost instant relief from some of the pain and discomfort of the anal fissures. As the days passed and I continued applying H-Fissures, my symptoms completely cleared and there was no more pain. I highly recommend this product for all pregnant and nursing mothers.



Bernadette - Elizabeth, NJ


Excellent product!!!!!!! I couldn't ask for a better oil to treat my horrific anal fissure! I developed a VERY painful fissure after giving birth to my doctor. My doctor gave me creams and recommended surgery. Thankfully I found this website And ordered it immediately. I followed instructions and within 3-4 months my anal fissure was gone. My lifesaver! I give this product a 5+ star :)



Bobbie G of Baltimore


During my final trimester I suddenly developed fissures and they were so painful. I thought what the heck! As if I did not have enough to put up with already at this late stage of pregnancy.

I searched online under symptoms of anal fissures in pregnancy to see if I could find something to help me at this hectic time. I found your site which was very reassuring.

The package soon showed up and within just a few days my painful fissures symptoms were history – I wish I could get rid of other pregnancy problems as quickly.

A big thank you to Amoils.



Melanie - Quebec, Canada


With giving birth I ended up with hemorrhoids and soon after the worst anal fissures with this awful and never ending pain. And since I am breastfeeding, I am sitting down a lot... I was ready to try anything. I was skeptical at first since my fissures were so severe but after 4-5 days I noticed a difference and after a week the pain was almost completely gone. I will never be without a little bottle of H-Fissures again, just in case! Thanks Melanie



Zenobia A of Virginia Beach


I am pregnant and I go to a maternity clinic near my home for regular check ups. There is one nurse there who is especially helpful and when I suddenly developed anal fissures, I asked her for help.

She recommended you guys and I was very pleased to see that you were all natural. She gave me lots of tips to follow at the same time as applying your H-Fissures P so that the symptoms soon cleared up.

She and I both thought the fissures were caused by constipation and so I am going to be much more careful from now on. I do not want to get fissures again.



Sarah M of Arlington, Texas


Before I ordered H-Fissures I had a telephone query to make from Amoils and the person who picked up my call was very helpful and re-assuring so that I was able to order and use your product with confidence as I am pregnant.

All my fissure symptoms were quickly resolved. Thank you for this natural product.



Candice H of New York


When my baby was born I only had a very short time on maternity leave before I had to get back to my own small business so it was important that I was as fit and well as possible, and then I got fissures. The doctor said this was probably because of straining when constipated.

As I was going to be feeding my baby myself before and after work, I needed a product to sort out the painful symptoms of the fissures.

H-Fissures for pregnancy was what I chose and what I would recommend to anyone with the same issue. All the pain and discomfort disappeared within days of starting with your product.

I was very relieved and able to start back at my job on time.

-Candice H


Julienne P of San Francisco, CA


It took a little while to arrive but what a good source of help your H-Fissures turned out to be when I needed a product to give me relief from the pain and irritation of the fissures that occurred when I was recently pregnant.



Belinda Z of Pittsburgh, OH


I recently ordered H-Fissures P from you to help me deal with the painful anal fissures I had. I don't know whether I made the error in ordering, or your company made a mistake in the dispatch, but I ended up with the wrong product all together. The mistake was quickly corrected and I have been using the oils for a week with great success.

-Belinda Z