H-Fissures Reviews

  4.8 out of 5  (22 Reviews)

Judy D. - Verona, PA


All I can say is that this product is remarkable for fissures. Was amazed how fast it worked.



Terry Williams - Australia


Whilst suffering from an anal fissure & trying local products which appeared to do nothing, I decided out of desperation to search online. I then found your website. I chose to try your product as a last resort, believing that if it didn't work I was just going to have to suffer. 'Great News' - it gave me immediate relief form the 1st application. Thank you for your prompt service and excellent product. I will certainly be spreading the word for you. God's Blessings Always, Grateful Terry, from Australia. :-)



Sandra - State withheld


OMG OMG THIS PRODUCT IS THE BEST HAD A FISSURE FOR ALMOST 7 months nothing help I startes using the oil and a good diet and is being a month cure. Just have a lot of fiber diet in the beginning.



Evonne - Bedfordshire, UK


This stuff us AMAZING!! I've had two very painful fissures for the past year or so and dreaded having to go to the toilet. The thought of steroid creams or surgery wasn't appealing so I just put up with it until I stumbled on this website. I'm always much more inclined to try the natural method and after reading everyone's reviews (thank you all) I figured I only had £25 or so to lose at worst. I live in the UK and didn't expect the oil to arrive for a long time so couldn't believe it when it arrived a week later. Oddly enough I'd had the worst fissure pain that morning so far and couldn't wait to start using it. A week later and going to the loo has been a completely different experience. As we all have I'm sure, I was braced for the pain and blood and I had neither, the fissures feel healed and I shall be ordering a another bottle ASAP as I can't believe the relief it has given me. Thank you so so much amoils, I really can't rate your product enough.



Marie - Pasadena, CA


I don't normally go out of my way to write reviews online but for this, I felt compelled to do so. My anal fissure was one of the worst. I cannot even begin to explain or describe the extreme pain that I was in every day. I found this product through browsing the Internet and decided, after reading some of the reviews, to try it out. I was in need of immediate healing and wanted to try a more Holistic approach. My product arrived in the mail promptly as stated and after just one night of use, I could already tell that my condition had improved. The excruciating pain that I felt during a bowel movement had subsided. Of course, I also now follow a strict regime of eating more healthy foods and I try to drink as much water as I can. I would not know what to do without this 'miraculous' oil. The small bottle that I ordered saved my life. I just ordered my second bottle to help maintain and further improve my healing process. Thank you so much!



Gabriela - Argentina


increíble este producto. 100% recomendable. Al mes y medio de usar el producto me cura. Igualmente lo un tiempo más por si acaso. Excelente!! Muchas gracias.



Reeves - West Palm Beach, FL


This is the best product! I was really skeptical at first. I went to their website for months before I decided to order the product. I was diagnosed with a fissure. Incredibly painful, I did everything my doctor told me to do with no results. My doctor was the dept. head at a well known hospital. I increased my water and fiber intake, applied the medication multiple times a day, took baths multiple times a day, did everything they told me to do. Had a colonoscopy. Nothing worked. I don't think they realize just how painful they are. I would take pain pills everyday because advil wouldn't work. I did not want to have the surgery after reading what the success rate was and all the negative side effects. I was desperate. That's when I decided to try H-Fissures. I was amazed at the results and the quick results. After just a couple of days my pain was almost zero. These doctors get so caught up in prescribing meds and doing procedures that they lose sight of what could work. I was in pain for months! Now I'm skeptical of the doctors. This is the best product and it saved my life.



Michelle - Australia


This product saved me in a time of crisis. I was in agony, feeling everyday like I was passing glass, I was terrified of eating of going to the bathroom, of sitting at work for hours in total discomfort. I considered surgery. I cried all the time. The anxiety only made the problem worse. But worst of all, having a fissure is a problem that you can't really explain to colleagues or friends, even those closest to you don't really want to hear about it. People think it is disgusting and shameful, but really, I was just scared and alone, after 5 months of agony, I typed in these words "Anal fissure is ruining my life"into Google and I found this website. 2 years later, still using the oil and no pain. Every day is a blessing and I feel that going to the bathroom with no pain is something never to be taken for granted. Thank you for developing this product.



Elnaz V. - Fairfield, CA


Omg!! I tried everything after I found out I have fissures and was in the hospital once a week... This product took one day and took all my symptoms away.. It is Amazing!!! Thank you I can go practice my martial arts again pain free!!!



Lizzie from Davenport, Iowa


Not so long ago I had fissures in my anus area and boy were they so sore. It happened when my baby was being born naturally. It was because of all the pushing and straining.

Luckily you have a special formula for pregnant and nursing mothers. But there was a mistake because your company sent me the hemmorhoids for pregnancy one so I had to get on to your customer care for them to replace it with the H-Fissures P.

Once it arrived, I used this right away and it was a great success. My only problem was the wrong formula being sent.



Kevin Grier - Texas


Your instruction for using the H-Fissures is very thorough and I was confident that it would help me. Well, I have to tell you that after only a week I am like a new person. I have adjusted my diet accordingly too and am drinking a lot of water. This has all changed my life as I just dreaded having a bowel movement and was uncomfortable even sitting for long periods. A bottle of this product will always be in my bathroom cabinet in case this recurrs.



Ken - Pleasant Hill, CA


I had two chronic fissures, one for nearly a full year. I had tried everything even prescriptions, nothing seemed to work or the products would work for only a period of time. It got to the point where I could not sit still from the itching and discomfort. I finally coughed up the $30 for h-fissure...and am I ever so glad I did. I applied much more liberally than directed and I have done a 360...no pain, bleeding, itching...it's all gone. Some say it does not work...it works the key is persistence with the product! (this is not a plug...a trully satisfied customer is all!)



K Battistutta - Brisbane, Australia


Hi there people, I just wanted to give absolute praise to your H Fissure oil which I recently purchased. Just wanted to say that your product was the last thing I was going to try out on my excrutiating fissure before I opted for surgery..Just got to let u know that I experienced almost immediate relieve and I am totally in love with the H Fissure oil and only after using it for 48 hours, I have no pain at all !! WHAT A RELIEF ! i 100% endorse your marvellous product and will recommend it to any one who dares to talk about the terrible pain associated with fissures! So, once again, words are not enough to thankyou for that liquid gold ! All the best guys and thank you



Lauren K of Norfolk, VA


My son was really upset when he had to pass painful stools – he did not want to use the bathroom anymore. I researched on the internet and realized that he probably had anal fissures and I knew I had to get something quickly to fix the problem.

The product arrived promptly and there was a huge improvement within a day or two especially with the pain. I just wished I could wave a magic wand to make your product work immediately but I know that with such a natural product, you have to be a bit more patient.

Along with the H-Fissures, I made sure that my son no longer had any constipation as this was a big part of the problem and he does not like eating vegetables.



Christopher D from Long Beach, CA


I work in a service industry and have to look after visitors to the U.S. 24/7 so I cannot afford any downtime due to ill health. I also tend to eat junk food on the run and this was causing problems with my bowel movements – so much so that I was getting constipated and ended up with painful anal fissures.

I ordered and received your product very quickly and I really needed it badly by the time it arrived. All is well now because it is 2 weeks later and fissures and the symptoms have completely cleared up. I also got my act together by changing to healthier eating habits with lots of veggies and fiber.



Jose Santos Garcia - Chula Vista, CA


This formula worked wonders for me. No really! It did!!. I had such terrible pain in my .. well butt for the past few months and it was really getting to the point of no return, it was almost difficult for me to just sit down and only then did I realize I had a problem. I got H-Fissures off Amazon's best sellers and followed the directions and BOOM Im back to my self again. Almost immediately I could tell a difference, it soothed the pain and irritation and made life bearable once more. Was nothing more than two weeks and I could not feel anything, its like it magically disappeared. Mucho Gracias to Healing Natural Oils!



Shirley Sargeson - Australia


This fissure oil saved my life!! I had had the fissure for about a year and at first the doctors didnt tell me it was a fissue and after trying 3 different types of medication my doctor was ready to book me in for an operation to stretch my anus!! No way I thought am I going down that track. I googled 'natural remedy for anal fissure' and this oil came up. I was a bit sceptical at first and then thought oh well I have nothing to loose so make the mistake of ordering a small bottle. Should have gone for the big one as I only needed a small amount to clear it up completely. It was my bottle of gold! At first I didnt follow the instructions to the letter regarding putting it on my feet but as soon as I did I noticed the difference. It has completely healed up and I am celebrating!



David N. - Cape Coral, FL


I tried everything my doctor prescribed to heal my anal fissure and nothing worked. I was days from having surgery to hopefully get some relief from the agonizing pain that I was going through when my mother found Amoils while doing some research on anal fissures. Needless to say, I immediately bought the H-Fissures natural oil and started using the product. What I can tell you is this....IT WORKS! But, you must follow the instructions and DO NOT miss an application as this will delay the healing process. My body took about 3 months to completely heal and I needed 3 small (11ml) bottles to treat my fissure. Do yourself a favor and start eating more fiber and drink plenty of water to aid in the healing process. Thank you Amoils.



Richard Levi - FL


I'm happy with the oil as it performed as promised and reduced the pain and itching and I feel pretty good now. It only took about a week or ten days or so but it felt good and I was relieved from the first application which was great. I selected overnight shipping and only received it on the second day, I placed my order at 2:05PM Pacific time and it says the cut off is 2PM but I called right in and asked and while they were friendly they could not speed shipment up. So I'm rating this review down to three stars.

-Richard Levi - FL


Chris D - Haddenham, United Kingdom


Thank heavens I found your website. I suffered for six months with flare up of hemorrhoids and annal fissures. The same thing happened last year but the doctor was not much help ie unpleasant ointment and visit to bored consultant. I tried all the over-the-counter creams and ointments. At best they provided temporary relief but usually left me feeling hot, sticky and event more uncomfortable. Toilet time was a misery. But within a couple weeks of using Heal Fissures and Heal Hemorrhoids things improved greatly. In no time everything healed and I could get on with my life. Brilliant result from brilliant products. Thank you a thousand times.



Merry W from Fremont, CA


I was very shocked when I first experienced anal fissures – I had no idea what was the matter with me until the doctor diagnosed them. And they were so painful. My doctor explained that they are often caused by having to pass an extra large stool or because of constipation.

I used your product straight away and within a day or two, the pain was considerably less. Now it is 3 weeks later and I have no fissures and no pain. I feel much better.

I am so pleased with the result I got from using H-Fissures.



Joyce M. - Florida


My fissure was chronic. It was not healing no matter what the doctors prescribed. The specialist I went to said I would probably need surgery. I was really stressed out and in so much pain but I knew I couldn't do surgery. I kept praying that God would heal me......and I believe that your product was an answer to prayer! I got on the internet and started looking at natural products and found yours. I read the reviews and ordered it. I ordered it on a Friday and had it by Monday. Within a couple of days of use the pain had decreased significantly. I couldn't believe it. After a week I could go to the bathroom and feel almost normal. It's been 3 weeks now and I'm about 90% healed. I feel God is healing me through your product and I am sooo grateful. I can't believe that a doctor would recommend surgery rather than recommend products like yours. What is wrong with our medical profession? Thank you for caring about people and making natural products that work!