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  4.5 out of 5  (8 Reviews)
H-Headaches 5 25th May 2012

Gloria - Houston, TX


I love the smell of these oils, they're lovely! I find it helps so much to soothe and alleviate the throbbing in my head just from the smell. I keep a small bottle at my home, one in the car and one at work just in case. I have been ordering regularly and thought I'd write a quick review to say thanks.



Michael T - Anchorage, Alaska


I often get cluster headaches, with severe pain around one eye, and usually every few few weeks. I got worried about using over-the-counter pain killers all the time and looked for something more natural and less toxic. H-Headaches fitted the bill and I am finding that using your product helps almost straight away with my symptoms.

When I first ordered the product, it never actually arrived. But one quick call to you and I received a package by return.

-Michael T


Dave Ritter - Salt Lake City, UT


About a month ago I tried the headache relief and while it did work for me I did think it would take a bit quicker and be an instant fix but a few days it does really soothe my pain. For my long term pain I have not been able to find much thats has been able to do what H-Headaches can do. Good stuff thx!



Wendy Hamilton - London


My big problem is migraine headaches.

I find the best remedy for these is to use H-Headaches as soon as I notice a migraine starting, close the drapes in my bedroom and lie down quietly for a short while. Within just about 30 minutes, I feel much better and am able to get on with my daily schedule once more.

I much prefer to use natural products over pharmaceutical drugs. They just seem safer somehow.

-Wendy H


Ivan M - Denver, Colorado


I ordered 2 products online but when only H-Headaches arrived and not the second product, I had to sort out the order again with your customer care people. The second product was then shipped.

Fortunately the H-Headaches was the more urgent of the two as I frequently suffer from tension headaches when I have been working at my computer for too long. Your formula immediately relieves the tension headache symptoms so that it is not too long before I can carry on working again.

H-Headaches is very easy to use.



Mark S - Wisconsin


I regularly get a headache over my eyes which I think is stress related so I don't like always taking medications for the symptoms. I was reading up online when I saw your product and thought it was worth a try seeing I could get my money back if I didn't have results. I like the smell of these oils and think that also helps with my stress. I use it almost daily and have hardly had headaches since. I am now a convert to natural products and would definitely use your oils again and recommend them. Thank you.

-Mark S


Kathy - Sydney


The relief your H-Headaches has brought me prompted me to send in my review. This product deserves 5 stars and so does your customer care. It is such a pleasure to have such pleasant and positive people to speak to. I am in Australia and your priority shipping was really fast.