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H-Hemorrhoids P 5 8th June 2012

Emily B from Sands Points, NY


I was in such pain with hemorrhoids after giving birth – it was terrible and so embarrassing – but then I ordered your H-Hemorrhoids P and after just a few days, there was much less pain and relief from the hemorrhoids themselves. Now there is no pain at all and I feel 100% OK. Thank you so much for coming to my rescue.



Gaynor D from Flushing, NY


I have birthed 3 children but now with the third I had really bad hemorrhoids that just got worse and worse so that I could not even sit down whatever I used – creams, ointments and suppostories. Even changing my diet did not help.

But now after finding your natural hemorrhoids pregnancy product online and after using for just 3 weeks, I have no more pain at all. I can sit down again comfortably.

What a relief!



Franny B from Chicago


I know you have thousands of orders to deal with but I ordered a large bottle of H-Hemorrhoids P but you sent a small bottle in error. I had to use the small bottle as I was suffering. Luckily there was enough in the small bottle to take away all the symptoms of my hemorrhoids.



Celia N from Philadelphia


I am always very skeptical about products whether they are over the counter or natural so when I had to find help with the hemorrhoids (that developed during my pregnancy) I told myself I would not be easily swayed by any of the products advertized.

I chose H-Hemorrhoids P because it is for use in pregnancy and I am pleased to tell you that all my symptoms from the hemorrhoids have cleared up.



Candy G from Portage, Michigan


I joined a moms-to-be support group in my home town and we share advice and experiences on a weekly basis. I am a first time moms-to-be but others in the group are on the second or even third pregnancy.

Of course when I got hemorrhoids in my 3rd trimester they were the first to give me advice and one of the more experienced of the moms recommended your H-Hemorrhoids P which she said had helped her hemorrhoids symptoms in her previous pregnancy. She told me everything I needed to do so that when my package arrived, I was ready to start applying H-Hemorrhoids P immediately.

I am able to report that I can also pass on the recommendation to other moms-to-be in our group if needed because your product worked so well.



Berry G from Woodland, Washington


I was lucky not to have any hemorrhoids during my pregnancy but then wouldn't you know it, I went and got hemorrhoids during the birth itself. I called the receptionist at my gynae's rooms for advice and she recommended that I look for a natural product for hemorrhoids online that can be used for pregnant and nursing mothers.

H-Hemorrhoids P fitted the bill perfectly and I am so happy with the results. All my hemorrhoids symptoms – the pain, the itching and everything else – are gone.

A big thank you to Amoils.

-Berry G.


Nicky W from Detroit


I am lucky to have a very caring husband and when I complained about the hemorrhoids during my pregnancy, he offered to search for something online for me to relieve the symptoms. He must have been very thorough because he came up with your perfect solution.

And all along the way he found you guys so helpful – ordering, customer care queries, dispatch, delivery and finally good results. Full marks to Amoils.com

-Niky W.