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H-Insomnia 5 25th May 2012


Neela D., FL


I know that as you get a bit older sleeping patterns change and my friends experience similar trends. I do not want to become dependent on sleep meds of any kind so when I saw your natural oils I thought I would give them a try. I find I am now sleeping longer and more soundly. It seems strange that some good smelling oils can have that effect but I am testament to that! I hope that others read this and that this encourages them to use your product. 5 stars!!



HSV - California


This product is awesome! I had a hard time falling asleep and my husband fell asleep quickly but would wake up in the middle of the night. This oil fixed both of our problems. I'm ordering two large bottles today. I never want to be without it.



Isabel B. - Escondido, CA


It worked for me. It took about a week or so an increased gradually.Now about 3 weeks later I am sleeping great most nights others I might wake up, reapply and am back to sleep much more quickly than before!



Jason Marks - CA


I have struggled to sleep for years and this product helped ease the tension and allow me to relax. It did take a few tries for it to work and I was expecting instant gratification so I'm only giving this 3 stars.

-Jason Marks


Bill - Denton TX


I am generally not a good sleeper but recently it has gotten worse and I cannot be on top form in my job if I don't get some extended hours of rest. I have used over the counter sleep aids as well as a few natural ones and find that they work in the beginning but then after a short time I am back tossing and turning getting stressed because I know I need to sleep. I got your product after being recommended by a friend who used your wart oils successfully. Well, here I am 3 weeks down the line and I have been sleeping better than ever!! Sometimes I may wake up in the night and I use the oils again and get back to sleep very quickly. I have now ordered the large bottle to make sure I do not run out.



Julie K. - England


I tried the H-Insomnia of yours and it works well. I have trouble sleeping most nights as in my job I am in front of a computer screen for long hours. I have used so many different things to try and sleep even resorting to sleeping pills, I hated waking up groggy the next morning from pills but it was really all that worked for me. However I was really concerned I was getting dependent on them which is why I sought an alternative and found this insomnia product. The first night went pretty well and I got much more sleep than I usually do, it was the 3rd or 4th night where I actually got a solid 7 hours which was great, something I have needed in a long while. I have a suggestion on the way it is used, I sleep with a small pillow filled with fragrance to relax me and I just add a few drops to that and sleep with it next to my bed it works great. You are welcome to use my review on your site, I was stuck between a 3 and 4 star as it took over a week to get to me. Thank you very much it is a really good product and I glad I am away from the pills now.



Chalmer F - Arlington, Texas


After years of being a sound sleeper, I suddenly found that I was waking up in the middle of the night and tossing and turning. I did not want to resort to sleeping pills because I try and avoid any medications. So I found H-Insomnia on your site and was pleased to give it a trial run.

After just a week or two, I am already sleeping so much better than before. The trial run is going well and I am sure that I will continue using H-Insomnia.

-Chalmer F


Issy D - Miami, Florida


I have 2 daughters in their late teens and I always worry about them when they are out in the evenings with their friends. I found that I could not get to sleep and even when they were safely home I still found myself suffering from insomnia.

I knew that this was not good for my health so I ordered H-Insomnia. I was upset when the mailman delivered my package to my neighbor's mail box instead of mine – the label was not that clear – but eventually everything was sorted out and I received my product safely.

I enjoy having my relaxing bath every evening with the H-Insomnia oil. I go to bed soothed and sleep peacefully most of the night. If I do wake up at all, I apply a drop of oil and I drift back to sleep again quite quickly. The product is just what I needed.

-Issy D


Harriet W - New York


I get to sleep okay but my insomnia wakes me up too early the next morning say about 4 am. I still feel tired. I do not feel ready to face the day. So I either lie there trying to get back to sleep or I get up and do something - so that by the time morning does arrive I feel exhausted again.

I urgently needed a natural remedy. I found this with H-Insomnia. It has solved the problem. A big thank you to Amoils.



Lola S – Omaha, Nebraska


I have a medical condition when means I have to take daily medication. This in turn has led to insomnia. As I was already taking a strong medication, I did not want to add sleeping pills to the mix.

As a natural remedy, H-Insomnia has given me the best and healthiest way to treat the symptoms of my insomnia. A big thank you to amoils.

-Lola S