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H-Jock Itch 5 26th May 2012

Alex Linster - New York, NY


This stuff is great, I've tried a lot of jock itch treatments from drug stores and even some weird home remedies like vinegar, ouch! Don't go there! This stuff helped relieve the itching fast and improved the skin appearance fantastically, took about a week, I think. I'm very happy, thanks.



Bob - Muncie, IN


This H-Jock Itch stopped the itch within a hour of putting it on. Great Stuff!!!! I have to keep a eye on the clock or I forget to apply it. Thank You Bob



Frank - Salt Lake City


I play a lot of sports and often neglect to shower and change for a few hours after so when I got that itch down there I knew it was the start. I have used some of your formulas with success so ordered your H-Jock Itch with overnight shipping and started using it immediately. I caught this early and it only took a few days for my skin to get back to normal but I continued for a week to make sure it was totally gone. I am a fan of amoils and highly recommend their products!



(I prefer to remain anonymous)


If it weren't for the wait to get this product I would have given you 5 stars. There was some mix up with orders and it took 4 days during which time I was crazy with the itch and burning. I used baby diaper cream while I waited which kind of helped but once I started your oils, I felt an immediate soothing and within a week all symptoms were gone.



David C from Indianapolis, Ind


Can you guys not put your product into a tube to make it easier to apply especially when you have jock itch and so you can see what you are doing when putting the stuff on?

Other than this suggestion, the H-Jock Itch was a great help when I had an outbreak. I am an athlete and the sponsored team clothing we all have to wear is very synthetic so that all the sweat gets trapped. Not good at all.

But H-Jock Itch sorted it out.



Joe t. - Bronx, NY


I'm prone to fungal infections and these types of things that when I started to have a really really bad itch in my groin I knew it was more than just a bit of sweat. I found H-jock itch - whew what a find. I put it on and it was goodbye itchiness. It was like a big bottle of ahhhh relief! This is a real winner by me and I just bought another bottle and also your skin tags formula .. Great company great products enough said



Harry M from Philadelphia, PA


I was worried when I got a fungal infection on my genitals – thought it might be something contagious. The doctor diagnosed it as jock itch.

I ordered your product but somehow my order got mixed up so I ended up with H-Athletes Foot instead of H-Jock Itch.

But it was okay because the correct product was re-sent and I could start applying the right oil quickly. And the symptoms of the fungus cleared up very quickly too. I am now jock itch free.



Rodrigo S from Albuquerque, NM


It gets super hot here in summer and I sweat a lot. First I got athletes foot and then I got jock itch – I know that one can lead to the other if you are giving a good scratch.

Both your products for these two conditions solved my problems with fungus. I should be okay now.



Sammy F from Raleigh, NC


I try to keep fit and healthy with a good diet and lots of exercise.

But I think the exercise was what caused me to get jock itch because of all the sweating and working out clothes. I have to do a re-think about my exercise routine.

But very pleased that the H-Jock Itch product from your company has given me an amazing turnabout of the symptoms.

No more itching and inflamed areas.