H-Molluscum Formula Reviews

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Ed - Hartford, CT


I ordered two bottles of your molluscum treatment for my young son. My son is 5 and had large clusters spreading up his legs, unfortunately because it was so contagious it really made it difficult for him at school and he almost couldnt do anything social with his friends which was really the worst part. I made sure to to apply to his legs everyday and I was able to spread a small amount over all the bumps on his legs so I made the bottles go a long way. After 2 weeks half of the bumps looked like they had healed so this really started to look great. My son kept saying to me that his legs looked like his daddys, this made me so happy, I could see he was getting a bit more confident and was for the first time in a while actually excited to go to school. The following week I counted only three left on his right leg and his left leg was totally clear, the smile on his face said it all :). I applied to him for a few more days until the rest of them were all gone. Thank you very much, my son just enrolled in baseball this upcoming spring and couldnt be more excited, he is back to being a kid again with no more worries.




Suzie C - New York, NY


I have a little girl and her pre-school asked me to fetch her early because they said she had molluscum on her legs and back and was trying to scratch it all the time.  They also mentioned that it is a very contagious condition.

I was very upset and I had never heard of this thing before.  My doctor said it was quite common and as long as she did not have eczema it would go away on its own if she did not keep scratching herself. 

It is very difficult to stop a kid from scratching herself so that was my first problem and the second was to get rid of the molluscum.  I cut her nails very short and put on little mittens while I checked on line to see what I could find out. 

I found H-Molluscum quite quickly and thought it would do the job.  I am pleased to report that it more than did the job.  Two weeks later, all the molluscum bumps have disappeared, and she is back at her little school again.  Best of all, no itching.



Alain Jackson - CT


I picked up molluscum as a STI but am pleased to report that your product got rid of the symptoms very quickly – I am hoping that is the last I see of this irritating and itchy condition.




K Parsons - Los Angles, CA 


I am very grateful to you for your product for molluscum because the doctors I consulted could not help me with my outbreak of molluscum on my legs.

But H-Molluscum worked and after 4 weeks of the treatment, all the bumps were gone. It was quite a mission to keep up the treatment but I persevered and it was worth it in the end.  You just have to be a bit patient for a good end result.

Many thanks.




Grissel - Location Withheld


In 10 days my son's skin is beautiful and healthy thanks to your oil to combat molluscum. After six months of painful Dermatological treatments, my four year old has healthy skin again. Now I am moving on to treat him with the eczema oil.

Thank you very much, Sincerely a very grateful mother, Grissel



Terry Egner - Sweden


About two months or so ago I noticed some red bumps on my inner arm, I thought it was just a rash or something, so put some cortizone ointment on it and thought nothing about it. After a few days it didnt go away and just didnt look like a rash to me.

I made an appointment to see my GP and he diagnosed me with something called "molluscum contagiosum". I had never heard of such a thing before. He told me that its nothing to worry about and its most common in children but adults get it too. He said generally they just go away on their own after a while so he really had nothing to prescribe for me. I went home a bit upset and annoyed, not only did it look like I had another bump but this was starting to itch, at least it was hidden under my clothing or Im not sure what I would have done.

That evening I went on my computer and googled molluscum treatments and found relatively the same information my GP gave me which gave me limited hope. I started looking up if there were any possible treatments and thats where there was a gap in the clouds and I found amoils. I had never ordered anything online from the USA before but this product for molluscum looked like it may work and the testimonials sounded great. I gave in and ordered a large bottle sent to me here in Sweden. I got my package the following week and put it right on. It was relatively easy to use, just put it on three times a day and wait for it to work.

I was so happy after only two weeks the small bumps had disappeared, the itching had stopped and my skin was back to normal. I actually called up my GP and told him about your product, he was quite astounded and sounded like he actually didnt believe me. It is almost too good to be true it was this easy after even my GP said HE could not do anything for me, simply amazing!