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H-Nail Fungus 5 28th May 2012

Annie, Asheville NC


I am a hairdresser assistant and noticed my nails changing color and becoming very sensitive. I purchased your product because one of my clients told me what a fan she is of your natural oils. I am so pleased with the results as I definitely cannot have nail fungus in my profession. I am now wearing gloves when I wash hair and keeping a bottle of the nail fungus product handy in case it comes back. Thanks you for your great product line.



Jennifer, Sacramento, CA


My toe nails started to look a bit funky about a year back, I didn't think anything of it for a couple of months until they started to look really bad. They were pretty yellow and gross by that point. I used a bunch of over the counter nail fungus treatments from the drug store which helped stop the nails flaking but didn't actually do its job and get rid of nail fungus completely. I still kept using a couple of creams hoping the nail color would go back to normal but it just didn't. Turning to the web I found Amoils and decided to give your product a try.

After the first week the color and tone of the fungus seemed to be reducing but I couldn't really be sure. After the second week I definitely notice a big improvement on the nail surface and I was starting to get pretty excited as it had been a year since I had worn open shoes! After the third week my beautiful nails were restored and I was a happy girl :) I kept using the product for another week just to be sure.

Thank you!



Gina, OH


I don't know if I got this because my hands are in water so much - I am a busy mother with 2 small boys! I tried a cortisone type cream which did not help and then found your product. It absorbs really quickly which is great as I did not want to have oily fingers. The smell is quite strong for me but it does dissipate after a while - so I am rating 4 stars.



Mary-Lou of Manhatten


I like to go barefoot or just wear sandals or flip flops in the summer and was really looking forward to the sunny months so I could do this. But towards the end of winter, I noticed that I had a fungus under my big toe nail. It was so ugly and I could not wait to get rid of it. Fortunately, by using your product and following your sensible instructions, all signs of the fungus have now gone just in time for summer.

The whole process took much longerr than I had hoped, but we got there in the end.



R. Harrison - Chicago, IL


I contracted a nasty green looking fungus from the nail salon and needless to say I was not happy. Apparently if there is too much moisture when the false nails are put on then it can develop a sort of bacteria or fungus that grows underneath thefalse nail. I only discovered it when I went to get the nails replaced for my weekly visit. My technician let me know that it is common and they are sorry it occurred, they are very careful to avoid this and offered me a gift certificate. Honestly Ill have to rethink nail salons at this point but it was nice of them. I went to the pharmacist for advise and got referred to some really acidic cream. I have very sensitive skin so this was not for me, instead of buying it I thought I would look for something online which is when I found your product for nail fungus. I bought a large bottle and put it on my fingers three times a day. My skin actually looked healthier throughout the process and before I knew it the green beds were gone. There is some awesome stuff in this bottle, it does not hurt my skin and it works. Now I have a bottle handy should I get this again. Please post this on your website


Sally Allan of Montana


I live in a rather out of the way kind of place so when I placed an order for H-Fungus it did take 3 days to reach me and I was feeling very impatient to get started on the nail fungus which had appeared right under the nails of 2 of the nails of my right hand.

But when I did finally get to apply your product, it did all I asked and more.

-Sally Allan


Victoria S of Kansas City, MO


I am one of those housewives who is always cleaning and of course my hands are in water a big part of the day. Sometimes I remember to wear gloves but not always.

I was getting desperate about my worsening nail fungus condition – all that water was just making it worse. I ordered H-Nail Fungus and I followed your instructions religiously including drinking plenty of water. Full marks to Healing Natural Oils because after just a few weeks of using H-Nail Fungus and keeping my hands out of water or using gloves 100% of the time, my condition has improved so much.

Just a bit more effort on my part and I know the fungus will all be gone.

-K Lewis


Name and state withheld


It took only a few days for my nail fungus to almost disappear before my eyes. I don't know why this has been such a secret for so long but this needs to be known!

You guys have a fantastic product here and I hope to see more exciting new products soon, Keep it up! - a VERY Satisfied customer


K Lewis of Moorestown, N.J.


I am a guy who is really into sports and of course I seem to get all the sports fungal type stuff that goes with it. Now it is nail fungus of 2 of my toenails. Not a pretty sight! In fact I was really embarrassed about it.

Great news is that H-Nail Fungus sorted it all out and quickly. It was quite hard to have to throw away all my socks as well but I really understand about how the fungus cannot be eliminated from these whatever you do.

So new socks all round and the brand new look of 2 previously ugly toenails.