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Autumn - Traverse City, MI


This oil is the only thing besides raw honey that has helped my scalp psoriasis at all. I used to use raw honey but if i didnt leave it on all night every night it would be back the very next morning. This oil was similar... I missed one of the 3x a day applications and it started to come back after using it for almost a month religiously 3x a day. Besides that my only problem was the smell, its not horrible but not nice and my roommate said i smelled like a hippy. but for the treatment of psoriasis it works great if you use it like the directions say.



Rebecca - St. Louis, MO


My skin was starting to flake really badly when I first found this website. I ordered a large bottle with 2-3 day shipping and was happy to see the delivery waiting on my door for me on the second morning. I started applying immediately but didn't really notice anything until about the 4th day or so. There was less flaking but that does sometimes happen sporadically with me. After a week or so I noticed a big reduction and my skin was feeling a lot better. 10 days or so after I was feeling great again. My skin was really back to its beautiful self, at least I think so :) This product is amazing, give a try, I was very happy I did.



Ben & Andie - United Kingdom


Thought I would write a step by step review and let you know how things progress. Ordered the oil and it arrived in a few days to the UK. Packaging was good so no complaints there. My wife has been using the oil now for 7 days and there are some changes. Unfortunately I am not sure if the changes are good. The psoriasis is redder in colour with a lot more dried flakey skin. She also says that they feel bruised. Gonna keep on with the oil for another week and see if there are any improvements. Will let you know what happens in the next review.

-Ben & Andie


Connor - State Withheld


Absolutely great product. The only solutions for all my outbreaks. Seriously this stuff is a god send



Mary, Alabama


Your website is an answered prayer!Our nine year old graddaughter developed Guatte Psoriases after several rounds of strep-throat this past winter.She had a very agressive type that covered over ninety percent of her little body.We took her to several dermatalogist who prescribed very expensive creams but none of them helped.They sent us to Childrens Hospital and they wanted to start her on Enbrel.We researched it and saw all the bad side effects it had.As parents and grandparents we could not accept this.We started praying for guidance and the Lord led us to this web-site.From March2011 tilJune we done just as the directions said.Now she is almost completely cleared!! We are praising God and telling everyone about this wonderful oil! I plan to always keep it on hand and stay on the maintance part of the program.Thanks for all you do to help people and for being so nice and helpful when I called or e-mailed.



Megan - Canada


This is such an embarrassing skin condition - I have to cover up so much of the time and even though I know some sunlight is good I only do this in private. I have really noticed how much better my skin is looking since using your formula, it has reduced the ugly patches and best of all, really helped with the itching. Thank you amoils - I am continuing using the HPsoriasis



Ben S. - United Kingdom


Delivery was fast but the product did not help us. This is not a miracle cure at all as lead to believe by other reviews. The psoriasis became inflamed and heavy scabs appeared. Very disappointing.



Katee M from Baltimore, Md


I regularly order H-Psoriasis for my psoriasis.

I find that the turn around time for my order is sometimes erratic but it is possible that I feel this way because I use H-Psoriasis regularly and I leave my re-ordering to the last minute when I should order to allow more than enough time between ordering and delivery.

As to the product itself, it is first class and in the early days it would clear up things quickly and efficiently whereas now H-Psoriasis does an excellent job reducing the frequency too.



Brendon L from Columbus, OH


I wish that my H-Psoriasis formula was packed into a box before being dispatched rather than the bubble wrap that it comes in.

But that is my only gripe.

The formula itself is the best and clears up my plaque psoriasis quickly and efficiently every time. My outbreaks do not happen so often any more so I am happy that your product is working.



Bryan J from San Jose, CA


My father had psoriasis from the age of about 50 until he died in his 70s so I recognized the signs and symptoms when I first developed this skin condition about 2 years ago.

In the beginning I used the prescription drugs that my doctor suggested but I was unhappy with the side effects and looked online for something else to try.

I found H-Psoriasis and this has been a godsend. My skin has improved beyond recognition and I feel so much more comfortable now that the symptoms of psoriasis have largely disappeared.



Dana Trimmel - Florida


Used your psoriasis formula for a few days and my last breakout was over so so so much faster. I dunno what you have managed to mix together to make such a good solution for psoriasis outbreaks but thank you so much. You have no idea what it is like to live with this horrible affliction, sometimes I am just confined to my house for days as I shudder to go out in public. I can already see further improvement in my skin. God bless, Dana



Linda W from Las Vegas, Nevada


My young daughter has been diagnosed by our doctor with the type of psoriasis known as guttate psoriasis and it is not a very nice skin condition for her to have to put up with.

I am happy that we came across your product some weeks ago because we have found that the symptoms of itching and discomfort are so much better and the appearance of the skin is improving daily too.

We will keep using your product as long as it is necessary.