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H-Restless Leg 5 30th May 2012

Jonathan - Chicago, IL


I first had restless legs when I was flying and just thought it was due to being so cramped up for such a long period of time so thought nothing of it. When it started to creep into my daily life suddenly I was really very aggravated. It's the most annoying thing and was driving me crazy! Getting to sleep was really starting to become a hassle and I was taking medication for insomnia. I eventually tried to fix the source of the problem and found this website. This is the first product I've ever used and I'm hoping it will be the last. It's helped ease that uncomfortableness and I feel back to normal now. If you suffer from restless legs I recommend this product.



Samuel Jacobs - Pacific Beach, CA


This is the answer I have been looking for years. I get really bad spasms in my legs and I can't sleep. I think I bought about ten different things over the years, I pretty much have a medicine cabinet full of a bunch of so called "remedies" that just never did anything other than burn a hole in my pocket. When I got on your website, something just looked different and the money back guarantee was an easy one for me so I got a bottle. To my surprise I got the bottle the next day, thanks to you guys being local and very efficient ( I ordered at 1pm and got my order the next day at noon). I was really relaxed by the formula and it really gave me relief from my nightly spasms. I am writing this to you about three weeks after I got the bottle, I have almost perfect night's sleeps and I have almost no nightly symptoms. Finally something that does what it says it does. I wont be needing to take you up on that money back guarantee after all.

-Samuel Jacobs


Peggy N from Ontario, Canada


My elderly mother complained to me constantly about strange feelings in her legs at night which kept her awake. Until I did some research on the internet, I did not realize what she was referring to. She is already on 2 different medications for other conditions so I was not keen to add to these. I was grateful when I found your all natural product .

My mother made a bit of a fuss about having to tg to the effort to use the H-Restless Leg oil correctly as instructed. She said she would rather just swallow a pill. But I can say that it has made a big difference to the quality of her sleeping by combating the symptoms of her restless legs.

Many thanks for helping us out.



Suzanna R from El Paso, Texas


I spend much of my working week traveling from city to city either by plane or by car. I keep occupied by working on my laptop but often suffer from restless legs when confined to a seat for hours at a time.

Fortunately, I have discovered your product and since using it regularly, my discomfort has been reduced so much. All the time I have to keep traveling, I will make sure I have a supply of H-Restless Legs.



Timothy H from Portland, Oregon


When I spoke to my doctor about the pins and needles sensation I kept feeling in my legs in the middle of the night, he ruled out anything serious and told me that it was restless legs and there was not much to be done about it except that he could prescribe sleeping pills.

I did my own research and ordered your product which I can report has completely eliminated the symptoms of the pins and needles. I am now getting better quality sleep and feel much more awake by the time the morning arrives. Excellent product.