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  4.5 out of 5  (6 Reviews)
H-Rosacea 5 31st May 2012

Lisa L. - Seattle, WA


Friendly customer service reps helped answer all questions I had, shipping was fast. Product performed as promised. Will definitely use this company again but hopefully wont need to :)

-Lisa L.


Amanda B - Charlotte, NC


I am very pleased with your H-Rosacea product but I was disappointed when I had a query and it took 3 emails with the same question repeated to your customer care department to get an answer back. But we got there in the end.

I will definitely continue to use the product as a long term solution to my rosacea problem.

-Amanda B


Michael M - Spokane, Washington


I liked and appreciated the product you sell for rosacea but compared to 3 other items that I ordered on the same day from 3 other companies, your delivery took longer.

Nevertheless, the product was well worth the wait.

-Michael M


Krystal W. - Chico, CA


I'm in my second year of college and this past summer I got so red on my cheeks, usually it lasts an afternoon or maybe a few days for me, but this time round it never went away and it was really embarrassing. My friends knew I had rosacea so they were cool about it but it was hard trying to meet new people on break. I went to the doctor and got a cream, used it for a while but still my cheeks were as rosy as ever and not in a good way. H-Rosacea formula got given to me by one of my friends, she just said "seriously try this" I honestly never heard of it or your company but used it anyways. Thanks to my friend for showing this stuff to me or I would have been red all summer, this gave me the solution I needed and I've regained the confidence I needed.

-Samuel Jacobs


Holly P - St. Charles, MO


My rosacea outbreaks started off with regular flushing of the skin. I ignored it but when it developed into broken red blood vessels across my face, I was much more concerned and decided I had to do something quickly.

I researched online and discovered your H-Rosacea which sounded like just what I needed. The shipment arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Very easy to use with a pleasant odor so that within 4 weeks of using, my flare-ups were not happening any more.

So greatful.

-Holly P


Brian F - Washington, DC


Ordering from your company was so easy and my H-Rosacea arrived sooner than expected. I am thrilled with the results so far in dealing with my rosacea outbreaks and I have even recommended the product to my friend who suffers from the same condition.

There has been a marked improvement to my skin every single day since I started using the oil.

-Brian F