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  4.9 out of 5  (7 Reviews)
H-Scars 5 01st June 2012

Natalie E from Worthing, UK


I had a nasty scar on my cheek from a cycling accident a couple of years ago.  When a friend of mine treated her scar successfully with your product, she told me about you and I decided it was high time I did something about my own scar. I am very happy with the result so far as after only 4 weeks, the scar is much less visible – in fact I find it quite hard to believe.  My friend is very impressed with her recommendation.  I am going to keep on treating the scar because I can see that with using your product, it could fade to almost nothing. My grateful thanks!



Deniz - Turkey


if i could sum up this product in one word, it would be liquid magic. i was in an accident quite a few years ago and had a lot of scars which made me self conscious especially wearing short sleeves. it hurt my self esteem and wearing long sleeves in summer was a big strange to some. I looked into plastic surgery at major hospitals with the specialists but the prices were outrageous and they all said it would still leave a mark- so i wanted a different option. I consulted many doctors and one gave me the link to this website/product. I gave it a shot. Really, not much to lose in the beginning. I still can't believe my eyes. Some scars have totally faded into my skin tone, others which i thought were too deep to be helped at all by this are fading also. It is unbelievable. With a bit of patience and the proper application, it will work. I would personally refund you your money myself if you don't see a change. I can not give this high enough regard, also the customer service is excellent. You will get a rapid response fast concerning whatever issue you may have. It's worth it's weight in gold. I thank this company so much because of this product because with time, you will see scars vanish. no joke! it won't happen overnight but i guarantee you it will happen. Thank you sooo much healing oils for changing my life, straight from the heart. A product has never been so outstanding and ..crazy magical like working, like you wouldn't expect. Don't hesitate just try it out and thank them later. Worth it!!!!!!!!



Elger Reyes - Garland, TX


I just bought your large bottle cause I wanna use this product for as long as I live sooo... I read articles on your product h scar and I was Impressed SO I decided to go with this and by using this ill be able to walk the streets and school COLLEGE FRESHMEN YR with CONFIDENCE ON MY RIGHT SHOULDER sooo can't wait



Jane Tucker from Arizona


I had just a few acne scars from my teen years (I am now in my twenties) so I made up my mind to try and do something about them without having to go to a plastic surgeon.  My research led me to your site and I decided to take a chance on your product especially as it was all natural – I like to use natural things as much as I can.

Just a few weeks later and I can hardly see those acne scars any more – it is really great.  So a big thank you from me.

-Jane Tucker


Graeme Webber from LA, CA


My little guy is always falling off his bike.  I ordered a bottle of your H-Scars to see if I could do something about the scars on his knees and other places.

He makes a bit of a fuss about me putting this stuff on him all the time but not from any discomfort or anything, just does not want to be still for more than a second or two. Would prefer this in gel format, but overall it was great.

Anyway, the scars are all healing very well and fading fast.  Just thought you would like to know.

-Graeme Webber


Grant - Iowa


I got into a really bad accident last fall and broke several bones. I had to go through multiple surgeries but luckily I was able to push through and was in perfect health in just a few months. One of the surgeries in particular had left me with several ugly scars on my left calf. I had used a cream on it for about a month or so which was what my physician had prescribed to me. While it did fade the one scar ever so slightly, it pretty much stopped working at a certain point as if thats all it was able to do. It was maybe 5% better looking after that which was a waste of time, as I have now realized. I bought H-Scars after seeing it on Amazon and after another month my scar is now another 95% better looking! Now thats something useful and definitely not time wasting! I barely even notice where I had the surgery anymore, this really did remove my scar. Many months have passed since my accident and I can finally say Im back to 100% again



Cathy R. - IL


When I was a teenager I had a constant bad case of acne on my face and back and because of this was left with quite a few deep acne scars. Now that I was in my late twenties I wanted to try and regain my face and back.. well back again! I was on google looking up something for my mom the other day and thought surely I can just type acne scars in and find something, this is the age of the internet afterall right? No surprise there, I think there were like 10 different things, half of them looked like scams, some were ridiculously expensive and others just looked hopeless. Out of all of them I narrowed it down to two different ones, one of them being your scar treatment the H-scar product. I decided to go with your one, cant remember why but I think it was the guarantee. 4 weeks later my face and back look amazing! I don't know what you put in this bottle but it worked for me! Really thank you so much, I look and feel so much better thanks to this - Regards, Cathy R. IL