H-Shingles Formula Reviews

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H-Acne 5 16th May 2012

Tammy Dye - Lafayette, OR


Some time ago you sent me a bottle of, Healing Natural Oils " H Shingles" I can't come up with a word to explain how grateful I am for this product!! I used it as suggested "1 drop 3xs a day" this truly is an amazing product, and natural. I love it! I've used OTC and Prescription medications, some work a little but, your Oil has decreased my breakouts by half! I truly was breaking out at a minimum of every 3 days, but using your oil the shingles have decreased them up to 6-7 days! I'm curious, have you heard from others that they got a responce from pets? "mine are dogs" by a simple accident, after appying in evening some smeared on my comforter, my Dogs love it too. They began rolling and rubbing it on them, now when I'm done with the cotton tips I rub excess on comforter, I'd swear it calms them. Thank you again so much Tammy



Sue - Crescent City, CA


I am totally amazed at your healing oil for shingles. I have been plagued by constant shingles break-outs since September,and have tried other alternative remedies, but nothing worked that well. so I found your oils, and orderd the H-Shingles Formula. As soon as the next breakout came, I applied the oil as directed, and to my amazement, it practically healed overnight! AND I haven't had another breakout since. thank you so much for such a wonderful product.



Bob - Seattle, WA


I have to admit, I tried your product pretty much out of desperation, having tried topical creams, narcotic pain killers, muscle relaxants and even an anti-convulsant, all of which were ineffective and several of which had extremely unpleasant side effects.

But within a week your product began working and now, after a bit more than two weeks, my symptoms are almost completely gone. This is after enduring more than two months of pain and discomfort.

Can't tell you how grateful I am.



Joel - Atlanta, GA 


I received my H-Shingles Formula in the 5th or 6th day of my shingles breakout on my upper left face and head. The outbreak was at its peak with itching, tingling and pain. I applied H-Shingles Formula every two hours and the itching and pain stopped almost immediately.

Within one day the healing progress was significant. After 48 hours, all the swelling and most of the sensations were gone. All that remained were some slightly rough blotchy patches. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I had hoped that the claims and testimonials I had read were true and found out that the H-Shingles remedy was all I hoped for and lives up to all the claims and testimonials.

Thank you for your wonderful product.



Kate K. - Sydney, Australia


I love your H-Shingles™ treatment. A friend of mine ordered it for me as she knew I had suffered from shingles for years. The itching and pain on my back was so unbearable! I used your product and the relief was amazing. I look forward to long relationship with Healing oils....