H-Skin Tags Reviews

  4.7 out of 5 (26 Reviews)


Lisabeth Slavkovsky - Cleveland, OH


I can't give this product any more praise than-THANK-YOU!!!! I had tried for almost 2 weeks a topical skin peel. It just irritated my surrounding skin. Having it under my arm caused constant rubbing and irritation from my bra. I saw your site and thought what the hell- guaranteed...After diligent applications for 2 weeks the lousy tag imploded and fell off...relief! Thank you for this fine product, does just what you said. Have anything for Millia?...my husband has them....



James - State Withheld


I had 4 skin tags on my face and this oil removed all 4 in a few days! It is an amazing product that really works. Highly recommended.



Lila -Houston, TX


I orderd your the skin tag oils after I developed a skin tag in a private place. It took me being consistant but after about a month the skin tag started to shrink and eventually disapeard completely. It has been about 5 years since then and I have seen no signs of it returning. I am very gratefull and I hope that the next product I order works just as well! The only reason I didnt give it a full 5 stars is because it took longer than I would have liked, but with patience and consistancy it still worked very well. I would recomend amoils to anyone who has any of the symptoms they treat.



Erin H - Ontario, Canada


I had great success with this product treating a skin tag very close to my eye. When applied carefully with a q-tip, the irritation was very minor. The skin tag disappeared in about 3 weeks and has not returned. I would definitely recommend this product.



C. Melville - Alabama


Amazing product! I admit I was skeptical, but I thought I'd buy one bottle & give it a try (cheaper than a dermatologist, right?). Well, I'm back to buy more! To my utter amazement, I had results in only 2 days! Now my daughter wants me to order some for her, too, as she has seen the amazing results on me. I am also going to order the H-Moles this time, also. THANK YOU for making this product available!



Jakki - Albuquerque, NM


I had read the reviews but WOW! This stuff WORKS and FAST!!!!!!! In only 4 days my skin tag (on my neck ) was so small that I had to work hard to find it. If skin tags are your problem, BUY THIS!



Pauline Ralston - United Kingdom


Bought for my teenage son as it is really difficult to book a doctor's appointment in advance at a convenient time for both of us so thought I'd give this a try. Excellent results. He applied 3 times daily and within 10 days the skin tag (on his neck) had shrivelled up and a day later fell off while he showered. He's delighted and I've saved money by not having to take time off work.



Tim - Minnetonka, MN


This is the second Amoils product I've used, the prior being the Fissures oil. Both successfully healed as advertised. This time I had a growth on my left temple, non-cancerous, in the very same spot that my dermatologist manually removed a similar one three years ago. Well, it re-surfaced this year, so I decided to give Skin Tag oil a shot. It was more stubborn than I thought it would be, as it took a handful of applications, one applicatio per day. Today it came off, and I do think this will be the end of it. I'm handsome again. :-)



Debbie Seelye - Queensbury, NY


I had several skin tags for several years. They disappeared within weeks!



Cari - Cheney, KS


I was skeptical, but reading the reviews and comparing to other products, I decided to try it. I had 1 fairly new skin tag on my neck and had a few others that were older. After 10 days, I could see a change and it started getting smaller. I'm starting the 3rd week and it's almost gone. It hasn't effected the older ones yet, but will continue the product and be patient. That's the hardest part. Thank you for your product and I recommend this to everyone.


Mrs J. - Pennsylvania


I have currently been using your product for three weeks. I had a very large skin tag under my breast that became irritated from my bra. I had to keep it covered with a bandaid to prevent it from bleeding. Anyone who has used bandaids constantly knows the irritation that comes with that. With no health insurance I began searching natural remedies when I came upon your site. Although the skin tag is not gone yet, I am now seeing a huge difference. It is much smaller and no longer irritated by my bra. I am still using it and hoping it goes away completely but even if it doesn't, I would recommend this product to anyone because of the HUGE difference already.

-Mrs J.


Murphy Shaw - Austin, TX


Hello I just wanted to say thank you so much for your oils for skin tags. I used the formula on three small tags on the back of my neck and after about a week or two I can't see them anymore, the back of my neck is smooth and just feels normal now. The process is simple and just became part of my regular daily routines and I just made sure to use it everyday. I'm passing on your site to a few of my friends with the same problem. TY - Murphy Shaw

-Murphy Shaw


Cass Trembly - Arizona


A fried of mine told me about your skin tag solution so I placed an order on a Friday for a bottle of your H-Skin Tags product. I wanted to get it the next day which is why I went overnight. Unfortunately I only got my package on Monday, when I thought I was going to get it on Saturday - when I called in I spoke to a nice lady who apologized if there was any confusion on the page I read but the shipping was for business days only so it was delivered on time. I was a bit angry but I guess more at myself for not reading it more carefully. Anyways had that not been the case I guess I would have put an easy 5 stars because as far as the product is concerned it was fantastic! I used it for about two weeks on a few tags on my fingers and I could see them starting to become less and less noticeable. Honestly I want to make this a 4.5 stars but you dont have that option :). Thanks for some good stuff, I just bought a bottle of the acne oil for my friend to say thanks - Good stuff, thanks again!



Chloe Pokracki - Indiana


I followed the directions faithfully, and the oils did not work at all. I would not recommend this product to anyone.



Sylvia B - Cincinnati, OH


I am overweight and then to add to my problems I developed several small skin tags on my necks.

I am working on my weight problem , and I also wanted to get rid of the skin tags.

I ordered your H-Skin Tags which has been most successful in removing the skin tags from my neck. However, the only problem is that your customer care department advised against using the oil too close to my eyes because of sensitivity issues. I appreciate your concern. I am very against having any skin tags removed by other methods which could of course be painful and lead to scarring.



Pairoj Jeeravanich - Bangkok, Thailand


Amazing !! After I used this H Skin tags product, 11ml for two weeks. The bottle of 11ml is almost over. The products turn a positive action. One of my big tags has been completely fallen off without scab, and scars from my labial scrotum. No hurt, No pain at all. This is a great product that I suggest my colleague to use. Thank you.



Robert M - Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I have had a history of hemorrhoids and then I developed skin tags too just to add to my worries.

But all is now well – the H-Skin Tags did their job as you said they would. I can highly recommend the product to anyone with the same condition

-Robert M


S Stevens from London, UK


It is quite difficult to get natural health products direct from sources in the UK so I decided to check out US possibilities and found that not only did you have the specialized product I was looking for but that you could deliver to my door here in London.

My skin tags were only fairly small but I wanted to treat them naturally and as early as possible before they started to get any bigger. I ordered your product, which came very promptly in spite of the distance and I found the oil quite simple to apply to such a small area...and it worked very well. All the skin tags are almost visibly unnoticeable and I did not feel any discomfort at all. My skin is very smooth. This is a great product you have.



Eleanor - Los Angeles, CA


My mother had some tags under her arm and I had used the hemorrhoids oil with great success so I ordered the skin tags oil for her. I know that you have to be patient and this is not a quick fix. Well her skin tags were looking different after about 10 days, they became rough and white and then smoothed out and become less noticeable. My mother had no pain or discomfort while using the oil, she said it smelled strong but not bad. Now she is telling her friends how good this product is - thank you again!



Erin - Winnebago, IL


I was very very skeptical. I have two skins tags on my face that were getting bigger. I went to the dermatalogist she said they could remove them but it would leave a scar. So i was willing to try something else. I got the oil and started using it religously. I saw no results in 2 weeks, but i kept using it and around week 10 one of my skin tags got bigger and little scabby looking and then just fell off. I was STUNNED! It left behind no scar no nothing. But the reason I only gave this product 4 stars is because it only worked on one of my skin tags. The other skin tag it had no effect on.



Christian S - Massachusetts


My friend and naturopath suggested I try a natural product for my neck skin tags. I tried a few products from the internet and none of them worked. One seemed to work on half my skin tag, and left one half the size and harder to reduce. Your product did for me what other products I tried only promised. At first I didn't know if it was working, and then after 10 days I noticed big changes. I'd recommend this skin tag product any day and told my naturopath friend about it too so he'll pass on the word to his patients! Thanks!!!

-Christian S


Julie - Westfield, IN


This is great, especially if you're not in the mood to get skin tags "frozen off" and have a little patience. It takes a while, but if you use it faithfully and maybe twice a day, it WILL work. I've lost a few already, and I'm using it on less obvious ones now. I love it!



Charlie Burton - Dallas, TX


All I can say is WOW! Oh and Thank you! :) - Four and a half weeks after staring the H-Skin Tags product and my last tag is barely visible now. I don't know how you all found this mixture, but boy does it work well. My first tag came off after about a week and the rest of them soon followed. I have to admit I was very skeptical when I first found the website, only because you had a money back guarantee did I take the plunge and buy your product - Good thing I did or I would still have these tags. Healing Natural Oils, thanks very much your products are great!



Mrs Watson - Washington D.C.


I had a few skin tags on my neck for decades that never used to bother me at all. They definitely grew a little over the years but I still took no notice of them until my husband bought me a lovely chain and pendant for our anniversary, which I absolutely adored. Over time the skin tags started to get very irritated from the chain hooking on them and one in particularly started to grow a lot. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on skin tag treatment at the doctor so turned to the web.

I found this website and compared it to a bunch of other companies I had found. I chose this site because of the great guarantee and the professional and friendly customer service I received when I called in.

I was very pleased to see how little time the whole process took. It must've only been about 2 weeks until my skin was looking lovely again. Only after a shower on or around the second week did I realize there weren't any big bumps on my neck anymore, they must've just fallen off while I was washing myself and my neck feels fabulous again.

A big thank you from me to you.

-Mrs Watson


Pauline - East Yorkshire, England





Chelsea - State withheld


Amazing! i had 1 huge skin tag and although i had to use half of the 11ml bottle on it. It is almost non existant now. It takes quite some time, but it really does work. I will seriously concider trying this brand for other issues. thank you so much!