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H-Stretch Marks P 5 9th June 2012

Stephanie K from Queensbury, NY


When I discovered that I was pregnant I just knew I would be at risk of stretch marks because both my mother and my sister had them so seriously. I had to find a way of preventing them and when I did some searching online, I found your site. Not only did you have a product that would help me but you also gave other helpful tips on how to avoid stretch marks. I went ahead and carefully followed a regime of moisturizing, hydrating and applying H-Stretch Marks and it paid off. By the time my baby was born, I only had two very small stretch marks on my stomach. Very thrilled.



Tessa C from Tampa


I never write to companies to congratulate them on the success of something I have used but this time I just had to because I really, really never thought that H-Stretch Marks would help. But it did.

The stretch marks that were so visible after I gave birth were embarrassing but now after using the oil for about 6 weeks, my skin is much smoother, the stretch marks have faded so much and I feel attractive once more.

Thank you for giving me my body back!



Rachel from Santa Cruz


My stretch marks were everywhere – on the breasts, the thighs, the hips and the buttocks. I did not know where to turn for help. Fortunately a friend of mine who is a nurse suggested I try your product because she had heard such good reports about it.

It worked really well because all of the stretch marks have greatly improved in appearance so that they are much less noticeable and my general skin tone looks great. I am so relieved.



Roberta S from Polson, Mont.


Even though I did my best not to, I put on loads of weight when I was pregnant especially in the last 2 months and of course the stretch marks started to appear. H-Stretch Marks was a great help in reducing the appearance of those stretch marks.

-Roberta S


Caroline T from Farmington, Conn


I started to apply your product on my skin roughly 3 months after my daughter was born My skin always seemed rather thin if that is possible so I kind of thought I might have problems with stretch marks.

The stretch marks themselves were thick and I had to use your oil for about 2 months but after that time there was a great improvement to the appearance of my stomach and now the stretch marks are almost gone. My skin is much smoother and firmer than it used to be. You have a great product there.

-Caroline T


Jolene M from London, UK


I had my baby as an older first time mother – in my late thirties – so I knew I was more at risk of stretch marks than some of the younger mums. Nevertheless, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and do what I could to stop the stretch marks in their tracks.

I used your product (it can be difficult to get good natural products here in the UK), drank lots of water, and kept my skin well moisturised. My hard work paid off as I managed to come through the whole experience with the minimum of stretch marks and it is you that I have to thank for this.

-Jolene M