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H-Stretch Marks 5 3rd June 2012

Heather - South Bend, IN


I, too, was skeptical at first about using this product. After I had my son, I had new, visible stretch marks and they were purplish. I used this oil twice a day and was completely amazed that after a month of usage, the stretch marks were back to skin color and much less noticeable. I don't really mind the stretch marks, I don't care for the purple streaks and this product got ride of it. I wish I would have taken before and after pics :) I HIGHLY recommend this oil! Thanks for a fantastic product!



Sandra H - Ohio


I did not think about boys getting stretch marks so when my teenage son showed me that he was starting to get some down the sides of his abdomen I was pretty surprised. We both did some research online and discovered there are a tone of products out there. He did not want a cosmetic or product that targets women so when he found your site at amoils he wanted to try it out. Well, I just had to let you know how well this is working!! He has been using it for about 4 weeks and is very happy with the results and we can definitely see a substantial change as the whitish lines are starting to fade - some have gone completely!! He will continue using the oils and I think it is a good idea to use it in the future to prevent the appearance of more. I want to thank you for this excellent product!!



Kimberly S - Hollywood, Florida


After having two babies my stomach had quite a few stretch marks and I have always covered up as I find it embarrassing. I like to use natural products so was excited when I saw your product is completely natural and I love the smell of essential oils. I am into week 6 and the difference is amazing. I notice that the texture of my skin has improved so much too and I know that this summer I will be wearing a bikini again!! 



Julienne C from Dallas, Texas


I have just had my very first baby and right from the time I found out about my pregnancy, I knew I wanted to avoid stretch marks.  So I followed all the tips about drinking lots of water, keeping the vulnerable areas moisturised and I also ordered H-Stretch Marks when I found it on the internet to use as a preventative. 

I ordered my product on the Monday, but didn't get it for 7 days. I called customer support and they sent us the tracking number. The product was misplaced it turns out somewhere in the delivery system which was frustrating as I wanted to start right away.

I was very good and kept up my treatment throughout my pregnancy.  I got away with just 1 small stretch mark on each side of my stomach so I was pretty pleased with myself!  I will just keep on treating my legacy of the 2 small stretch marks which could well fade away too.

I would recommend any pregnant mom-to-be to do what I did – it takes a bit of time and effort but it is well worth it.

-Julienne C


Cheryl T from Newport Beach, CA


I have had 3 pregnancies and of course I had the stretch marks to prove it!

Another mom I know said she had improved the look of her stretch marks with your product so I decided to give it a go too.  I am 100% impressed with the successful results. 

Many, many thanks to your company.

-Cheryl T


Tiffany B from Cleveland, OH


The nursing sister at the practice where I go for my pre-natal check ups said that she often tells moms-to-be to use your product so they don't get stretch marks.  She says you can use it on stretch marks as well if they do appear.

I decided to take her advice as I had some stretch marks already

I started the product but was frustrated trying to keep up with the number of applications, I feel three a day is too much! I have a busy life with family and did not have the time to commit to that. Because I missed so many applications I didn't see the results.

So I went ahead and re-ordered and this time stuck to the schedule. I did notice a big difference.  The skin feels smoother and the marks have faded a lot.  I will need to keep it up.

-Tiffany B


Jonathan B from Atlanta, Georgia


H-Stretch Marks was a very useful product for improving the look of those stretch marks that developed when I became obese and then worked really hard to lose 50 lbs.

I only started to notice the stretch marks as I lost the weight but the oil really did a good job in helping to improve the appearance of the skin on my abdomen which was of course the main area for both the weight gain and the weight loss.

Grateful thanks to your company.

-Tiffany B


Elizabeth Z from Milwaukee, Wis.


I am only in my 30s but over the last few years managed to gain a lot weight while being a stay-at-home mom with my children. Now that they are older, I am planning on going back to work sometime soon but first I am trying to lose the excess weight. At the same time I have to try and reduce the stretch marks too.

Your product H-Stretch Marks is helping me achieve this goal. After just a few weeks, my skin looks so much better. I cannot help noticing how soft and supple it feels.