H-Varicose Veins Reviews

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H-Varicose Veins 5 4th June 2012

Alice - Indianapolis, IN


Thank you so much. The appearance of my varicose veins has improved so much since I started using this, I've seen a big reduction. I'm into my 3rd week of using the formula and already I'm thinking of stopping using it as my legs are looking and feeling great and I really feel sexy again even though I'm still wearing my stockings, I'm still a bit self-concious and need to shake that habit and keep reminding myself my legs look good again :)



Marg Matthews - Perth, Australia


I have spent thousands of dollars treating spider veins, often so fine that a needle could not even be inserted into them.They had gotten so bad on my left shin that I had given up, resorting to hiding them.I really didn't think the oil would work but by the end of my first 11ml bottle, my veins are fading! I wish I had taken photos!!



Bianca D. - Mexico


I want to tell you that I *love* this essential oil blend(H Varicolse Veins). The very first time I put it on I felt an incredible lightness in both legs and increased energy. I've been using it regularly ever since. The veins that were noticeable before are not as visible now so in addition to making my legs feel amazing, it is obviously doing something on the physical level too.

Thank you for a wonderful product.
All the Best, Bianca D.



Anna - Wilmington


My legs are looking much more presentable after using your oils for the past 5 weeks. I can see a change in the skin and color and am now wearing dresses and not always covering up. I think this is something I will be using regularly as spider veins seems to run in my family. I have sent some to my mother and sister too!



Liz P. - Name and state withheld


At my age my leg's should look better than they did. Thanks to H-Varicose Veins formula my legs look ten years younger again. I had really ugly spider veins up the insides of my calves and thighs. After using your oil for only a few weeks, I could barely see them anymore, they just faded away. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to reduce the appearance of varicose veins as this worked wonders for me. Next stop, summer and shorts.

-Liz P.


Ashish M - Cary, NC


We ordered the varicose veins product but it did take longer than we thought to receive it.

But we are still finding that the product is doing what is required of it. H-Varicose Veins smells good, is easily applied and we are expecting a 100% result.



Karin M - Los Angeles


My experience with you guys has been very good and after just 3 weeks, there is a definite improvement in the appearance of the few varicose veins in my calves which first appeared when I was pregnant.

I am using the formula which is fine for pregnant and nursing mothers as I am still breast feeding my baby.

My only gripe is that you don't supply your customer with the shipping details, so I was left wondering when I would get the shipment.

Other than that, I am more than happy.



Veronica R - Austin, Texas


This is not the first time that I have used Healing Natural Orders. In the past, I have placed a few orders with you and every transaction has been smooth and the products great.

Now I have ordered and received H-Varicose Veins and even though I have only been using this particular product for a few weeks, I can feel and notice a big improvement in my varicose vein symptoms.

I will continue and am fully confident of an excellent outcome.



Carrie P - Washington


I am very pleased with my service from amoils.com because I get prompt responses to my emails and queries.

I ordered your H-Varicose Veins when it was on special so I received a very good product at a bargain price – twice the benefits!

And your product is doing everything it said it would – my symptoms of varicose veins are disappearing more and more each day.

-Carrie P