H-Warts Reviews

  4.7 out of 5  (36 Reviews)

Aubrey Reel - Orlando, GA


Thank you SO much for this product!!! I have had a verruca for 10 years that doctor after doctor failed to cure. I tried duct tape and salicylic acid for years and nothing. Recently I read about apple cider vinegar which did have some results but I still couldn't quite kick it, meantime it had spread into several verrucas :( One week with H warts and all but one is gone and the last one is small and clearing up as well. I am beyond delighted by my results and encourage any other frustrated wart sufferers to give it a try. The only thing I wish I had done was buy the larger bottle as I do think I am going to have to buy one more to kick the last wart. As a sidenote, I noticed a lot of people were complaining about the smell but I actually really like the way it smells. I am an essential oil user anyway though. :) TRY IT! You have nothing to lose but your wart!



Jane D. - Cincinnati, OH


I had literally tried 5 other products before I got yours and I was not expecting it to work to be honest. A friend of mine recommended your company and I did exactly what the instructions said and am pleased to report that my skin is smooth and completely clear! Finally, something that actually does what it claims to do and works! Please post my review with 5 stars.......I am a very happy customer!



Brianne Behr - State Withheld


I have had a problem with warts for about 10 years now. But I've only tried to eliminate them for probable the past 5. Initially I only had one wart on my finger, and bought dr. Scolls Freeze wart remover and it turned out to be very unsuccessful. Later, I found a dermatologist, who would spray liquid nitrogen onto my warts. The warts wouldn't be completely gone until after about 3 visits, many tears, and a huge disgusting blister. After a few years of going to the dermatologist on a regular basic, I was fed up with the pain and the continuation of warts growing and spreading. I needed a new solution. After some online research, I came across H-warts. I figured I'd give it a try despite my parents gigantic doubt in its success. I followed the directions applying 3 times a day, and was amazed that there was no pain, only an awful smell (which I quickly got over). About 2-3 weeks later the wart was completely gone! That was about 6 months ago and I have been wart-free since! Without a doubt I recommend this product!



Christi - Friendswood, TX


Okay - This product is AMAZING! After taking my daughter to the dermatologist and having 12 warts burned off and hearing her scream each time, when the warts came back for the 3rd time this year - I went in search of a better way and I found it with H-Warts! She could hardly walk on her foot 3 weeks ago...now, I cannot even see the wart to put the medicine on it. All other warts are gone too. I am using it on my other daughter too. Hers are taking a little longer to get rid of, but I have seen the proof that this stuff works, so I will keep using it until they are gone! Thank you...I'm going in search of your wrinkle cream now. If the wrinkle stuff works as well as the wart stuff - you'll have a double customer :)



Paco - State Withheld


2 weeks and still waiting; however, I am still optimistic…



Vicki - Victoria, Australia


It took a lot longer to work than the brochure said but it worked none the less! This was the only treatment I used on the warts on my hands, they'd been there for months! I'm so glad they're finally gone, hopefully they'll stay away. Great product, would happily use again.



Becky S. - Grafton, WV


Customer service is awsome.mine leaked in mail and they sent me new bottle no charge right away. Product seems to be working great!



Sue - Delaware, OH


I have had flat warts on the back of my hands for 5 years that would come and go but more often than not be there and cause me horrible itching and embarrassment. The dermatologist had me using Aldara and steroid cream for the itching. Neither helped. I decided to look online and somehow after multiple searching finally came upon this product. I was so tired of dealing with this by this point that I figured why not give it a try. I am SOO glad I did. Within days it was clearing up and now after using it for a couple weeks it is gone. Amazing results and I am so happy I bought this. The only downfall is the intense smell but it fades really fast after application. If you are thinking of buying this just do it, well worth the money!!



Jason Almarez - Albany, NY


My daughter had 5 large spots on her left foot, at first my wife and I just thought they were mosquito bites, but when they started to not go away and start to look white and a bit black, we knew they must be warts. I went online and looked up warts on the feet and found they were called plantar warts. While reading some of the information I found this website amoils.com with the H-wart formula. After reading the whole page I really wanted to get this for my little girl and good thing it said it was safe to use on children over 5 (my daughter is 7). I made the purchase and rushed it next day. Great service Btw :). I got going on the process with my daughter the next day. After no time at all her foot are so soft and smooth and I am struggling to see where they even were now. Wow 5 stars all the way. I want everyone to know how this worked for my daughter and I have some left over should any of us ever need it again. Thanks amoils.com!





I reluctantly bought the product but was definitely blown away. The results were amazing, I definitely recommend anyone to use their products. It will definitely be a life changing experience!



Jose S. - Valparaiso, Chile


only in two weeks i have saw results



JC - Seattle, WA


I was hesitant to purchase this product, but I figured it was worth a try. I had flat warts on my face and hands (hundreds). I worked with a dermatologist for 2 years trying to rid myelf of these warts. Nothing worked: freezing, burning, topical meds, oral meds, Aldara, etc... This process was EXPENSIVE and nonproductive. Within a very short time of using H-warts, I noticed a major difference. I was strict with applying it 3 times a day. I really am still in disbelieve several months after stopping the applications because the warts are gone. All gone. This was the best $60 I ever spent. Honestly. It was not painful, either. As a side note, the scent didn't bother me like others have said.





I highly recommend this product, for over a year I had wasted money on freeze off products that said they would work but my hands looked horrible, I didn't think anything would get rid of my warts but my hands look great after using the healing oil. I am now ordering more oils and hope they work just as well. So happy I found this site.



Gabriela - Buckinghamshire, England


Fantastic product! it delivers exactly what it says in the package!



J. Harms - Sequim, WA


I had a wart in the entrance of my nostril - The doctor wanted to cut it out and graft skin from behind my ear. I decided to look for an alternative method and found this product. Use it 3 times a day- and in 2 1/2 weeks it is about gone. I use an eyedropper to apply the oil as it is easier than Q-tip and the oil doesn't absorb into the applicator. The doctor will be surprised when he gets ack from his 6 week vacation! Love the smell and the fact there is no burning as the inside of the nose can be pretty tender.



Carolyn Driscoll - North Andover, MA


I cannot say enough about how much I love this product! My nine year old daughter had flat facial warts for four years and was told by my dermatologist that it was caused by a virus and would go away. Recently they spread over her entire cheek and looked awful. I was hesitant to try your product but thought it couldn't hurt. We noticed a difference after a few days and now three weeks later they are 99 percent gone! He skin looks perfect again and we couldn't be happier!



Janet - Burbank, CA


My 6 year old son had had so many warts under his armpit, I didn't know what to do! We tried OTC products which either had no effect or burned him to the point of scarring. I found your product while looking for natural alternatives. Thank god for you!!! All of his warts are gone and there are no scars except from the OTC stuff. You guys truly are a god send. I will always look to your products before trying anything else. Thank you!



Sylvia M. - Oceanside, CA


I am a single Mom and I work in a nail salon. I started to notice a few bumps on my fingers and tried to squeeze them, thinking they were pimples or something. They got bigger and harder and I soon realized that they were warts. I could not continue to work on other people nails with my hands like that and one of my regular customers who had seen them the week before brought me a bottle of your H-Warts . I was so grateful and started using it right away. She was amazed when she came back 2 weeks later and it literally looked like I had never had warts! No scarring, no marks, nothing! Thank you for your wonderful product. I know I never bought the product from you, it was a gift, but since then I have ordered another product of yours for my son and he is also having great results. 5 stars from me!



D.B - State withheld


It took about 2 months to work but it did get rid of a pretty unsightly wart on my face. Even if it feels like it isnt working, keep with it. I recommend using a fingernail file to get rid of the dead part of the wart once a day. Well worth the price. I don't want to think about how long it would have taken to get rid of it with no treatment. And the price has to be cheaper than getting something prescribed from a doctor.



Carla - State Withheld


I am so happy to no longer have a huge wart on my finger tip! It's been there for four years, and I have spent several hundred dollars and experienced lots of pain with the many procedures I've had done. I'm just ecstatic about this formula and how it made my awful wart disappear! Thank you so much. I'm so happy I found this product.



Scott P. - Bridgeport, CT


I will keep this simple I had a wart on the side of my nostril about a 1/8 of a inch wide and it stood out quite a bit. I purchased the larger bottle applied faithfully as instructed 3x a day and the instructions said foe up to six weeks. Well it was gone in 3 and it almost happened overnight one day it was there and then gone. I would recommend this product to everyone. Very pleased.



Carrie - Wisconsin


I actually used this product 8 years ago. I had warts all over my hands and feet, most likely as a result of being a swimmer and hanging out on pool decks as a kid. Nothing would work, not even freezing them at the doctors. It took about 4-5 weeks of this product to get everything, but to this day, I still do not have a single wart. I found the bottle in my bathroom cabinet the other day and was reminded of how amazing this stuff is!



Calvin - State withheld


Used this for warts on my face. I was wart free within 3 weeks!



Pam Walsh - Pennsylvania


This is a remarkable product. My 7-yr-old had a wart cluster that our dermatologist tried alternately tried freezing and applying beetle juice. After 13 applications, the cluster had grown!

Over last summer, I applied H-Warts 3xs/day for 3 months. By the time school started, the warts were gone. Our dermatologist keeps your flyer and gives a copy to people with stubborn warts. Thank you for this product.



Winnie - Grand Blanc, MI


My daughter suffered from flat warts for over a year on her entire face and larger ones on her body. Referred to a dermatologist which we visited every month, they tried burning off the ones on her body leaving aweful scars and trying different prescription ointments with results always the same, a beat red, pealing face and the warts just kept spreading. I finally ordered your product H WART, it is amazing, within one week the warts had significantly faded and by week two they were GONE!!! No scarring, no redness, I highly recommend this product before wasting your time and money trying any kind of burn or chemical treatment. GREAT PRODUCT. 100% SATISFIED



Paul Hamley - New York, NY


I recently got the biggest plantar wart on my foot and it was getting worse and worse. It got to the point where I could not even walk on my foot anymore! I was about to pick something up at the store when my wife suggested I look online. Your web site was the first one that came up when I searched for a plantar wart product and now I know why! After seeing that you have sold a half a million products and reading the reviews, I placed my order and also added two other products and got free shipping on my order which was quite cool. After a week the wart had shrunken down and I could apply pressure to my foot again which was a huge relief. It took a little longer than a week but H-Warts did exactly what it was supposed to do! Excellent product! Five stars from me!

-Paul Hamley


Emily Frasenburg - Toronto, Canada


I have just used H-Warts for the final time today to get rid of flat warts I had all over my body. I really wish I had taken some "before and after" pictures because you would not believe how many warts your product improved! I am eternally grateful for H-Warts and I am so glad I found your product!



Kathy - Roanoke, TX


This is a miracle oil! I have a VERY painful plantar wart on my right foot - ball of foot area. I was crippled with pain. Foot doctor tried the blister beetle treatment. After DAYS of not being able to walk, it came off, but in a week or two, it was back! I was at my wit's end trying to help with the pain. I used donut pads on foot, bandaids, moleskin, even custom orthotics. I felt like an old lady hobbling around. Last resort was to try this. If it didn't work, I could always send it back. I ordered on a Friday and it was in my mailbox on Monday! I tried it that day. The next morning, I could walk with NO PAIN! I was shocked. It's almost like it totally numbed the area or something, but didn't FEEL numb. I'm on my 2nd week of treatment (3x/day), and I can see the changes. It's flattening out, going from black to white-ish. I know this takes time, but I am willing to wait. I'm just happy I don't walk with a limp anymore!!!! Try it - you won't be disappointed!!!!!! I am so grateful for whoever came up with this stuff!





Thank you! This product saved my life. I thought I was stuck with those horrible looking things for the rest of my life. I used this and under two weeks the just peeled off like extra dead skin or something. You guys are geniuses and are doing gods work bye helping people. I am forever thankful. You guys rock.



Diane - Poulsbo, WA


I have now been using this product for three weeks to treat flat warts on my face. I had clusters of warts from the virus on different places on my face, as well as single warts...one here and one there....and I had about 50 warts total. Some were so tiny,but they were warts, and I could see some more beginning to form, so I was desperate for a solution that actually worked. I had tried over the counter products,but nothing helped and I don't have any insurance. I read the glowing reviews for this product and ordered two bottles. 3 weeks later and all of the clusters are completely gone, and a few of the others have also gone. I still have stubborn warts, but I am going to keep on! This has been a real miracle for me! There are even three of the larger warts that are beginning to shrink too. That is what is amazing..the warts seem to just flake off the face and then they are gone! I cannot say thank you enough for this wonderful product.



J. Sims - Dallas, TX


I used it as directed. Several weeks and a whole bottle later - no improvement at all. Just didn't work for me.



Mary - state withheld


For the past three years, I have noticed clusters of clear bumps around my lips, nose, jawline, and eyebrows. I thought these were a form of acne, so I literally tried every single acne product out there. Not a single treatment worked. Also, since I thought it was acne, I got into the habit of picking at these bumps. They would bleed a tiny bit, scab over, and within days, be another small, clear bump. Unfortunately, all this picking contributed to scars all over my face. I did not see any doctors to treat this because by the time I became very considered over what was happening to my face, I had zero health insurance. Finally, this past fall, I had health insurance and I was able to see a doctor. She told me they were facial warts, which were very uncommon in very young people. Her treatment for facial warts was the same treatment for any other wart: freeze them off with nitrogen oxide. So, I went through several treatments with her and let her freeze my face. This resulted in more scar tissue and lots of red bumps. While the warts were very very slowly starting to fade, they were still there and I was not happy with the results. I decided to do my own research on the internet and found this product. I was a little surprised at the price, but I had figured I had tried everything else, so this would be my last resort. I ordered the smaller bottle and hoped that I would not have to order more. I've been applying it 3 times a day for 2.5 weeks and my warts are gone! I would even say that 50% of the size of each wart had vanished within days, and 90% gone by one week! I am elated! Also, this oil has reduced the look of my scar tissue from all the picking and freezing that was done on my face. I don't have to wear concealer or foundation anymore to hide it! I wish I had found this product sooner! The only negative thing I would say about this oil is that the smell is very potent for the first 5 minutes of each application. It has a minty-eucalyptus like order, which I didn't mind, but my husband abhorred! Also, since I was applying this so close to my eyes, it made my eyes water for a couple minutes a day. But I promise you, this product works! It is worth the price!



Hilary - Salt Lake City, UT


This product is fabulous. My 7-year-old had several warts on his hands and fingers at the nail-bases. We tried Compound-W liquid (ferocious, toxic fumes, goopy, annoying texture) and it was so horrible that we gave up after three applications, when the liquid became so thick we couldn't apply it. We tried the medicated pads and they would fall off his hands too quickly, even with the covers. We finally tried H-warts. The scent was mild and unobtrusive, the liquid easy to apply. We actually weren't consistent with it and only made it to two applications a day. But his warts did go away and I was so impressed! I am now using this on my plantar warts and have high hopes for it working.



Terri - Yonkers, NY


My son has had two very large, very stubborn warts on two of his fingers. We tried freezing them and various other treatments. Sometimes they seemed to shrink a bit - but the progress would never last. I tried to set up an appointment to have them burn off, but between his schedule and available appointments it wasn't happening. I happened to get another email from you and figured everything I purchased from you worked pretty well, lets give this a try - it couldn't hurt. I warned my son it would take at least a couple of weeks to see a difference - he was skeptic and said it would probably take a lot longer if it worked at all. Well let me tell you, within one, and yes I mean one week there was such a drastic change in the warts! In less than two weeks they are gone! He is still putting the oil on just to b sure - but seriously there is nothing there! I want to thank you so much for such an amazing product! Sincerely, Terri



Kaci K. - Ohio


Thank you so much for: 1) a natural product with NO chemicals 2) providing something that actually works! I'm almost embarrassed to admit how many warts I had 6 months ago: 1 small one on my nose, 1 on the edge of my ear, FIFTY-FOUR on the bottom of one foot - bottom side of toes, and the ball of my foot including one huge plantar's wart that was 3/4" in diameter that I was always told I'd have to have surgically removed, and the other foot had TWENTY SEVEN on the bottom of my heel. They have all been completely removed and my skin is completely soft as if they never existed. Now, we are going to work on other things. THANK YOU!

-Kaci K.


Susana Rodrigo - Riverside, CA


I used for 3 weeks and it did nohing  for me. I sent back and got my refund. I give 2 stars for quick easy refund. Sorry it not work for me, thank you -J