Everyone Needs A Little Sunshine Sometimes |

Added July 29, 2009, Under: Health, Skin Conditions

After many years of constant warnings that the sun is bad for you, many experts have made a complete 360 degree turn so that we now learn that we actually need sufficient sunshine - and that it is even good for you. In fact not only a little sunshine, but quite a lot! A recent controversial report in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute says that patients in the early stages of melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) are significantly ...


Will South Africa With Its High Rate of HIV Aids Infection Be First To Produce An HIV Vaccine? |

Added July 27, 2009, Under: Diseases, Health, Technology

  Over two years’ ago, a large scale clinical trial of an HIV vaccine commenced in South Africa using some 3000 HIV-negative sexually-active South African men and women between the ages of 18 to 35 years old. Within months, the trial was stopped when it was found that people who got the vaccine were more likely to contract HIV than those who did not. A huge setback to HIV Aids vaccine research Now according to Michelle Faul, an Associated Press writer, South Africa has ...


Boost Your Immune System To Avoid Flu & Other Viruses |

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Many of us know that our immune system is important to our well being but are we doing enough to boost this immune system? With winter coming and the ever present threat of flu, there is much we can do to improve our immune system to make us less vulnerable to colds and flu as well as other conditions such as outbreaks of psoriasis, rosacea flare-ups, shingles outbreaks and even the appearance of warts. I have written earlier posts on the importance ...


Is It Healthier For Males To Be Circumcised? |

Added July 22, 2009, Under: Babies, Health, Men's Health

Many parents who chose to circumcise their baby boys do so for religious reasons but lately, some medical practitioners have starting a campaign advocating a return to circumcision but for health reasons. Health reasons They put forward that studies of certain medical conditions and infections indicate a relationship between circumcision and a reduction in occurrences of urinary tract infections, STDs, HIV, penile cancer and HPV and cervical cancer. They suggest that uncircumcised male infants are up to 10 times more likely to develop ...


So What Is A Good Balanced Diet That You Can Enjoy Too? |

Added July 20, 2009, Under: Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Oh dear!  Another chain email appeared on my computer screen today but it was a good one with illustrations of different foods and some very interesting observations on these natural foods which you can enjoy. For example A sliced carrot resembles the human eye and carrots are good for eyes as they greatly enhance blood flow to, and function of, the eyes.  Remember the old wife’s tale that eating carrots helped you see in the dark! Tomatoes and the heart have four chambers ...


When A Chain Email Can Be Helpful & How To Recognize A Stroke |

Added July 13, 2009, Under: Health, Men's Health

Generally, I dislike receiving those chain-type emails - particularly when they have a sting in the tale with the warning that something terrible is going to happen to you if you neglect to pass it on to a whole lot of other people. But today I received a very sensible and useful chain letter and I am definitely going to pass it on to you. This email is all about how to recognize a stroke in someone Whether a family member, a work ...


Are You For Or Against HPV Vaccinations? |

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The recent and very public death from cervical cancer of the UK Big Brother celebrity Jade Goody has given rise to a significant increase in the numbers of British young women going for cervical cancer screening. Cervical cancer is the second highest cancer killer of women after breast cancer The HPV virus, which is carried by men and sexually transmitted, can increase the risk of developing cervical cancer. 10 000 women in the US annually are diagnosed, of which 4 000 will ...


The Scary Facts about Breast Cancer Causes |

Added July 9, 2009, Under: Diseases, Health, Women's Health

Let me tell you a story about a work colleague friend of mine. Bobbie, who is only in her twenties, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was given the diagnosis on her birthday – a great gift to receive Acting on the advice of her doctors, she agreed to start cancer treatment straight away which meant leaving her job, her apartment, her friends and moving back to her parents in a large city where she could be treated.  A huge change ...


Do You Feel Guilty About Using Disposable Diapers? |

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Diaper rash is that red rash or sore area that affects the skin of your baby under or around the diaper. And of course the main cause of diaper rash is wet skin along with the chemical irritation of ammonia produced by stale urine.  Not pleasant, so every mom wants to avoid this situation. Part of the problem and part of the solution lies with the diapers themselves.  Should you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers? And the debate continues... What are the ...


To Be Barefoot Or Not To Be Barefoot, That Is The Question? |

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Today I received an email with a video link to David Wolfe and his barefoot and grounding technology and as I watched it extolling the virtues of going barefoot, it got me thinking. Benefiting from electrons First of all the video itself was very interesting and explained how the earth gives off electrons which are so beneficial to us.  To get the benefit of these electrons, we need to walk barefoot on grass, sand, earth or in water or swim in a ...

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