How Can You Subject Your Child To The Dangers Of Second Hand Smoke In Your Car? |

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Second hand smoke has been found to be strongly linked to chest infections in children as well as asthma, ear problems and sudden infant death syndrome and yet in many countries around the world, children are subjected to this second hand smoke when the vehicles in which they are traveling are being driven by their smoking parents. The toxins that children would breathe in would be nearly the same as the smoker themselves but a child’s airways are smaller than an ...


Our Finger Nails Give Us A Window On To Our Health |

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Dermatologists will point out that many nail disorders can result from poor nail care Take a close look at your nails – if you see any of the following nail appearance, it could indicate a possible serious condition: White nails – liver diseases Half of nail is pink, half is white – kidney diseases Nail bed is red – heart conditions Yellowing and thickening of the nail with slowed down growth rate – lung diseases Pale nail beds – anemia Yellowish nails, with a slight blush at ...


Full Marks to Bundanoon! |

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This small town in New South Wales, Australia, has shown the rest of the World how it should be done by banning the sale of bottled water. Concerned at the cost of making, transporting and disposing of the plastic bottles used for bottled water on the environment, Bundanoon took matters into their own hands. Bundanoon is taking a stand Sky News in the UK has reported on this interesting story and how the residents of Bundanoon voted in favor of the ban three months ...


Is Your Irritated Bowel Syndrome Making You Irritable? |

Added September 22, 2009, Under: Diets, Health

Why do we have to suffer the pain and discomfort of this condition?  IBS is a common problem particularly in women when the intestines either squeeze too hard or not hard enough.  Our food then moves either too quickly or too slowly through the intestines. Although this condition is usually triggered by certain foods, it can be worse when something stressful happens. You can handle IBS by eating a healthy diet, avoiding those foods that seem to trigger the condition and ...


Well Which Is It? A Shower Or A Bath? |

Added September 21, 2009, Under: Health, Skin Conditions

  There is always this great debate about showers and baths Showers are for waking you up and getting you going; they are great for washing your hair as well as giving your body a thorough clean and effective rinse off.  They are for morning time or for “after action” time – they get you going again. Men say that they get their best inspiration in the shower Baths are the complete opposite – they help to wind you down and relax you at ...


Is There A Risk of Unhealthy Men Dying Younger Than Their Healthier Peers? |

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My husband recently went on a trip to Slovenia in Europe where he was amazed to find that some 90% of the adult population smoked. And many of the citizens are heavy smokers too. He met an old gentleman in his 80s who smoked some 90 cigarettes a day. Smoking is a way of life there and yet from what he could see, these same smokers did not seem to suffer from all the ill health that smokers in other Western ...


Hemorrhoids Are No Laughing Matter |

Added September 16, 2009, Under: Diets, Health

A stand up comic will always get a laugh when he brings the subject of hemorrhoids into his patter, but if you suffer from hemorrhoids it is no joke.  Sadly, more than half of the population will develop hemorrhoids and usually after the age of 30. This means that hemorrhoids are one of the most common ailments known to us.  And not only humans as dogs, cats, horses and other pet animals can have hemorrhoids too. Simply put, hemorrhoids are veins which ...


A Nail Fungal Condition Should Not Be Left to Fester |

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Like many other fungal conditions, a nail fungus just loves warm, moist, sweaty places such as a sock or shoe that has been worn for too long! And we give this condition all the help it needs to spread when we notice a white or yellow spot under the tip of our fingernail or toenail and we don’t do anything about it. As this nail fungus spreads deeper into the nail, it may cause discoloration, thickening and the nail can develop ...


Why Are Allergies In Both Adults & Children Becoming So Common? |

Added September 9, 2009, Under: Children's Health, Skin Conditions

It used to be almost the “in thing” to be able to tell people that you suffered from an allergy – it made you more unique and interesting.  Not any longer - allergies have grown so much that now nearly 40% of the population in the western world has an allergy or intolerance to some degree. And many of those who are afflicted are children Specialist studies in the UK have also found that the symptoms of allergies are becoming worse with ...


Could Rooibos Tea Prevent or Slow Down Certain Cancers? |

Added September 7, 2009, Under: Diets, Health, Sickness, Weight Loss

There is a healthy herbal tea from South Africa that has been receiving lots of celebrity endorsements and these stars have not even been paid to do so!  Its name is Rooibos which means red bush and it is not a true tea but an herb. The brew, made from the dried Rooibos leaves, is therefore an herbal infusion but is widely known as Rooibos tea. The taste, flavor and aroma of Rooibos Tea With its distinctive color, flavor and aroma, Rooibos tea ...

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