Help to Speed Up Recovery from Surgery, Injury & Scars |

Added October 29, 2009, Under: Diets, Nutrition, Skin Conditions

Have you been injured, are you undergoing surgery or do have recent scars? The good news is that there is much you can do to aid your recovery more quickly. Obviously, if you are already on a healthy diet, then you are on track in helping your recovery.  But if you know you are about to undergo surgery, what you eat before and after can help you to heal more quickly. Diet and vitamins Certain amino acids seem to help wounds heal faster ...


Why You Need To Question The Necessity For A Flu Vaccine |

Added October 27, 2009, Under: Children's Health, Drugs, Pregnancy

In this modern world, it would seem that every time there is a perceived threat from an illness or virus, the solution lies in producing a new vaccine.   But the big concern today is that, whenever a new vaccine is produced, it seems to involve less testing and research than the previous vaccine did. And people all over the world are starting to ask the question. How safe and how necessary are these vaccines? A good example is swine flu or H1N1. ...


Bionic Centenarians! |

Added October 26, 2009, Under: Exercise, Health, Sickness

  Today I listened to an interview on the radio with a 100 year old woman who is competing in the 2009 World masters Games in Sydney, Australia.  Ruth Frith is participating in the javelin, discus, weight throw, hammer throw, shot put and weight pentathlon events!  She trains rigorously 5 mornings a week and pumps weights as part of her workout sessions. Does she not put the rest of us to shame!  The only downside from the interview was that she ...


Are Super Lice Invading Your Child’s Hair? |

Added October 8, 2009, Under: Children's Health, Parents, Skin Conditions

Head Lice have always been around - making their presence felt particularly in our vulnerable children and causing discomfort and even infection when a child scratches too vigorously and the skin is broken.  But now there are super lice and doesn't that provoke an image of a larger-than-life, rampaging species of lice.  Fortunately, these super lice don’t look or act any differently to your regular lice but they are resistant to those over-the-counter lice treatments that contain insecticide. Over-the-counter lice medications contain dangerous ...

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