These Tantalizing Seeds will Tempt your Tastebuds |

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Many regard pomegranates as the jewel in the fruit kingdom's crown. Even in ancient times, the Babylonians would chew the seeds before battle to make themselves invincible while Egyptians were buried with pomegranates. Some people even believe that the apple in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve was actually a pomegranate. Today, the fruit is widely used in Middle Eastern, Indian and Iranian cuisines while being marketed in the USA as a powerful health juice. 15 good health reasons to include ...


Have You Tried Rooibos Tea? This Could Be a Preventative & Treatment for Skin Cancer |

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I have written about Rooibos Tea in a much earlier blog but, as this herbal tea from South Africa continues to make the headlines, I thought it was time for an update. Already found to reduce the threat of heart disease and stroke, the Rooibos plant has now been shown to help prevent skin cancer. South African studies There have been two recent studies in South Africa – one conducted by the Medical Research Council's Promec Unit and a second by the ...


This Humble Herb Is A Real Winner |

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The ubiquitous herb mint grows like a weed - but don't dismiss it because it has great nutritional and health benefits. Peppermint is the most well known and popular variety and used extensively in manufactured goods as well as cooking and medicine. Using mint in the kitchen Mint has many health benefits and is a valued addition to your garden or kitchen. Easy to plant and grow but just be wary of it taking over everything else. It is best to plant ...


What The Cosmetics Industry Does Not Want You To Know |

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The average adult uses 9 personal care products daily, exposing them to 126 chemicals each day. Many of these chemicals are toxic but the cosmetics industry does not want you to know this. Just like all the other big industries in the US, the cosmetics industry is all about making big profits (with 50 billion dollars in sales each year) and very little or absolutely nothing about providing you the public with a safe product. Even many people who are very ...


Beware Of Hidden Dangers In Your Home & How To Make It Safer |

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You could do yourself and your family a big favor by making a New Year's resolution to find out what the hidden dangers are in your home – you might be surprised if you do some digging to find out what hidden hazards are lurking in your home. The benefits of eliminating toxic hazards in the home Once you have found what these hazards are, try to make the effort to eliminate them from your home whenever and wherever you can. Changing ...


There Is An Increase In The switch To Natural & Alternative Products |

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I am beginning to think that the more you read and research, the more confused you can become. So it is not really surprising that the general public find themselves between a rock and hard place when they try to do the best for their family's health. With mainstream media feeding them a constant stream of fear and sensationalism headlines and natural health sites giving them a completely different perspective, it is not always easy to find a sensible middle ...


Which Disease Is Increasing In The Aged? |

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It is said that the next big epidemic to affect the West will be Alzheimer's disease and this will follow on the current obesity epidemic. Today Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, affecting around 465,000 people in the UK while it is estimated that as many as 5.3 million Americans already have the disease. Much of the increase in Alzheimer's is because of high blood pressure and diabetes in all populations although at the moment blacks and ...


Do You Shop at Farmers’ Markets? Could These Be In Jeopardy in the US? |

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There is a food safety bill in the US that is going through the various stages and which has been vehemently opposed by many - particularly because of the risks to the few remaining small family farmers and organic growers and suppliers. The infamous S.510 "food safety bill" was passed by the US Senate just before Christmas.  Just days later, the House of Representatives gave it their approval with a new name as HR 2751 and now it is on its ...


The Great Vitamin D Debate Continues & Find Out What Is Now Being Said In The UK |

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In an amazing about-turn, 7 non governmental UK health organizations have come out in favor of the British public receiving more sunlight exposure and without first lathering on sunscreen. These 7 have got together to issue joint advice on vitamin D, which the body gets naturally from sunlight, amidst fears that people had become too cautious about being in the sun because they thought they would get skin cancer. They now realize the seriousness of people becoming vitamin D deficient. Ironically, ...


Obesity & Why Are The Figures Increasing Worldwide? |

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In spite of the world's growing population and concerns about how they can all be fed and the impact on the environment, statistics on the overweight and the obese show these numbers are continuing to rise. Catching up fast on the US, half of all Europeans are now overweight. And a big surprise is that research suggests that more than one-third of African women and a quarter of African men are overweight too. My own experience I live in Cape Town, South Africa, ...

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