Steer Your Child In The Right Direction By Packing A Healthy Lunch Box |

Added January 27, 2010, Under: Children's Health, Nutrition, Parents

Children learn from adults and mimic what we do, so getting your child into healthy eating habits from an early age, will go a long way to make sure they have a healthy and long life ahead of them. Children have a much smaller stomach capacity so they need regular snacks to keep them going. Many are much more active than adults so they have a higher energy requirement. Let your child choose their own lunch box contents These can be from ...


Acne Can Be A Skin Problem For All Age Groups |

Added January 26, 2010, Under: Parents, Skin Conditions

Acne is so common in teens that it is considered to be a normal part of puberty but that does not make it any easier to live with! Some 8 out of 10 teens do have acne and so do many adults too. Why does acne occur? The skin has thousands of tiny hair follicles and each has a sebaceous gland that produces an oily substance, sebum. An abnormal reaction of the sebaceous glands in the skin to the male hormone testosterone ...


Is Your Bed Still A Healthy Refuge Every Night? |

Added January 25, 2010, Under: Environment, Health

In the past few days, I have found some very interesting reading all about beds.  And it all started with a news item on BBC News about bed sharing “draining men’s brains”. And you can imagine the jokes and comments to be made about that headline! According to an Austrian scientist, Professor Gerhard Kloesch and his colleagues at the University of Vienna, they found that when men spend the night with a bed mate, their sleep is disturbed and this impairs ...


Pregnancy, Relaxation & That All Important Labor Massage! |

Added January 23, 2010, Under: Exercise, Pregnancy

  During labor, tense muscles can cause excessively painful contractions. One way to help overcome this is with a labor massage which helps to relax muscles and decrease the sensation of pain. A labor massage promotes an overall bodily relaxation, combating the effects of the fear-tension-pain cycle. A labor massage by your partner can be a real labor of love! It makes sense to plan well ahead for the delivery of your baby and one of the plans you can make and put ...


Pregnancy & How To Overcome Morning Sickness

Added January 22, 2010, Under: Pregnancy, Sickness, Women's Health

According to any story you read or TV show you watch, pregnancy and morning sickness always go hand in hand. It is certainly true that some 75% of women do get morning sickness. But that still leaves some 25% who do not! So it is definitely not certain that if you are pregnant, you will get nausea. The symptoms usually disappear by the 4th month The term morning sickness can be a bit of a misleading title as many pregnant women can actually have ...


The 4 Stages of Rosacea & What To Do About Them |

Added January 20, 2010, Under: Skin Conditions

Frequent flushing of the face is a symptom most people will notice in the earliest stage of rosacea. And rosacea is surprisingly common with many of the world’s best known people suffering from it. If you have rosacea you will certainly not be alone, you share this condition with 45 million people worldwide - Bill Clinton, the late Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Renee Zellweger, Cameron Diaz and many more. In the USA, the number of rosacea sufferers is a high 20 ...


Why Is Waist Fat Such A Cause For Concern? |

Added January 19, 2010, Under: Diets, Exercise, Weight Loss

According to a news item on the BBC, nearly 9 in 10 people are unaware of the risks of carrying extra fat around their waistline. A recent survey of 12 000 Europeans found that most of those surveyed had no idea that a thick waist was the sign of a build-up of a dangerous type of fat around the internal organs which is strongly linked to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Meanwhile University of Birmingham scientists in the UK have said ...


Aging & How Can You Can Slow The Process Down |

Added January 17, 2010, Under: Exercise, Health, Men's Health, Women's Health

A recent study in Germany conducted by the Saarland University suggests that long term physical activity has an anti-aging effect at the cellular level. Researchers in this study focused on telomeres. These are the protective caps on the chromosomes that keep a cell’s DNA stable but that shorten with age. They found that these telomeres shortened less quickly in key immune cells of those athletes with a long history of endurance training. As people age, telomeres shorten and cells become more ...


Pregnancy & the Need to Combat Exhaustion |

Added , Under: New Moms, Pregnancy, Women's Health

The first three months of a pregnancy can be very trying AND very tiring! It would seem that if you are pregnant, you will either suffer from morning sickness and nausea or you will suffer from exhaustion so you are not going to have a particularly easy time either way. The good news is that by the time you get to your second semester, those first semester symptoms will be all behind you and you can look forward to feeling ...


Pregnancy & Those Problematic Varicose Veins |

Added , Under: New Moms, Pregnancy, Women's Health

  Although pregnancy can be a happy and fulfilling time, there are definitely some downsides to being pregnant and the onset of varicose veins, or even spider veins, is one of them. If you have aching pain, easily tired legs that feel heavy and look swollen as well as some numbness and itching or an irritated rash on your legs, you may well be suffering from this condition. But catch these symptoms early And practice lots of preventative measures and you could just ...

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