Refill Rather Than Landfill! |

Added March 16, 2010, Under: Environment

I was reading some facts about printer cartridge disposal today, and it got me thinking about how we can all do more to help the environment and our own pockets with a little bit extra effort to either refill or recycle our laser or ink printer cartridges. Most cartridges can be re-used Apparently, almost all inkjet and laser cartridges can either be reused or re-manufactured. And let’s face it; today just about everyone in the modern world uses some sort of printer ...


Echinacea Is Proving To Be A Very Versatile Herb |

Added March 14, 2010, Under: Diseases, Health, Skin Conditions

A very popular herb worldwide is Echinacea or the purple cone flower. It is a tall perennial plant, flowering in summer to early autumn. The roots, rhizomes and parts above ground are all used in herbal preparations. Chinese wisdom declares that the root is most powerful before the flower appears as the energy at this time is in the root. Not only the root All the different parts of the plant are used fresh or dried to make teas, squeezed juice, extracts ...


An Update On Migraines & Recent Developments |

Added , Under: Headaches & Migraines, Men's Health, Technology, Women's Health

If you are a migraine sufferer you might be interested in an article in Medical News Today which talks about a new hand-held-device that delivers a magnetic pulse to the back of the head. This pulse is a single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (sTMS) which is thought to disrupt the electrical events in the brain – those same electrical events that cause the preliminary symptoms of migraines with aura. Migraine with aura It is the classic migraine that comes with the distinguishing aura ...


20 ACHIEVABLE Ways to Become a Healthier You |

Added March 11, 2010, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health, Men's Health, Nutrition, Women's Health

So you made all those New Year resolutions and by now in March, they have all gone out the window! Well let’s make it easier for you. Most people want to be healthy - emotionally, mentally and physically - but if lifestyle tips and guidelines are too extreme and rigid, they will just give up and go back to their old “bad for you” ways. How about a list of ACHIEVABLE ways to get you healthy? The important thing is to make the ...


How to Keep a Full Set of Teeth in Your Mouth! |

Added March 10, 2010, Under: Children's Health, Health, Parents

I wrote a post about teeth whitening which in turn got me thinking about caring for our teeth in the first place. When my children were young, I remember I used to take them to this dentist who had a large old fashioned painting, on the wall in his waiting room, of a man trying to pull an unfortunate sufferer’s teeth out with big unfriendly pliers. And there was a line of people in the picture waiting their turn too! I ...


Teeth Whitening & that Hollywood Smile |

Added March 9, 2010, Under: Men's Health, Women's Health

  Teeth whitening is becoming so popular that to many it is part of their whole cosmetic regimen. The problem with our teeth is that they can be easily stained. What are surface stains (or extrinsic stains) caused by? Smoking Drinking coffee, tea or red wine Eating highly pigmented foods such as cherries and blueberries An accumulation of tartar deposits as a result of plaque that has hardened. Also, when we eat, the food residue seeps into those fine cracks in our teeth which makes it nearly ...


The Ordinary Cucumber Has Extraordinary Benefits |

Added March 2, 2010, Under: Diets, Environment, Health, Nutrition, Skin Conditions

The ordinary cucumber is actually an extraordinary vegetable. Apart from its nutritional value as a food and its health benefits, it is a very useful product to have around the home. Officially the cucumber is a fruit It comes from the same family as pumpkin, zucchini and other squashes. It has a dark green rind and white succulent flesh. There are 2 types of cucumbers – the pickling varieties such as gherkins and the slicing varieties. The pickling variety is relatively small ...

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