Is Your Medication Ineffective? Find Out What You Can Use Instead |

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The healing properties of essential oils are many, varied and extremely effective.   And importantly, the healing properties of essential oils have tremendous potential to reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals with their synthetic ingredients and adverse side effects. The list of plants providing these healing essential oils is almost endless. Here is just a small handful Clove bud or lemon grass for numbing pain Chamomile or geranium for anti-inflammatory action Cinnamon or ginger for relieving pain by producing heat Lemon eucalyptus or lemon verbena for relieving ...


Are You Plagued With Intimate Feminine Conditions? Find Out What To Do |

Added May 28, 2010, Under: Pregnancy, Women's Health

Vaginal infections are one of the most common and confusing health issues affecting women each year and yet because of the intimate nature of the conditions, many women prefer to self diagnose and self treat. For this reason, it is important that women understand the difference in symptoms between the various types of vaginal conditions so they can be sure to use the right treatment. Although vaginal discharge is a normal, natural part of being a woman, when it occurs in large ...


How Can We Ensure A Natural Balance Between Nature’s Remedies & Treatments? |

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The concept of the balance of nature is very old and once ruled ecological research as well as governing the management of natural resources. When we talk about the natural balance of nature’s remedies and treatments, we mean the interaction between the two. For every condition, there is a natural remedy - the two go hand in hand These nature’s remedies have been passed down throughout the generations. Natural herbs, fruits and essential oils used in our diet, in supplements and as ...


The Truth About Coffee Or Tea & Which Should You Drink? |

Added May 22, 2010, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Health, Nutrition

The chances are that you are either a coffee drinking fanatic or you love your cup of tea. Whatever I say about either of these beverages, you are not going to change your habit! And just so you know from the outset, I have always been a tea drinker and enjoy a couple of cups of English Breakfast type tea every day, black with plenty of fresh lemon and a little brown sugar to sweeten! According to legend, Chinese Emperor Shen ...


Should You Be Wary Of This Popular Kitchen Appliance? |

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The microwave oven has become such a popular kitchen appliance that today 90% of all households in the US own one. But there would seem to be several different reasons why the convenience of the microwave oven is outweighed by the cost to your health. The convenience of the microwave oven Many of us greeted the arrival of the microwave oven (a few decades ago) with great enthusiasm. I remember working overtime at my job at the time so that I could ...


Do Moms-to-Be Have Something New To Worry About? |

Added May 20, 2010, Under: Babies, Men's Health, Parents

As if new moms don’t already have enough to worry about after giving birth, they now have to worry about “new dads” with US researchers believing that as many as 1 in 10 new fathers experience post natal depression. But most of these cases are dismissed or undetected and definitely untreated. And a new dad is more likely to suffer from the baby blues if the new mother is suffering too. Although this condition has traditionally been associated as being experienced by ...


Pre-Polluted Babies is an Alarming Phrase |

Added May 18, 2010, Under: Babies, Environment, Parents

Every day, consumers rely on household products that contain hundreds of chemicals. But what are these doing to our unborn children?  We expect the federal government to keep families safe by testing chemicals but they are letting us down. And badly. Toxicity levels  in humans are increasingly associated with a range of serious diseases and conditions from childhood cancer, to autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, infertility and birth defects. Yet in spite of our knowledge about the link between chemical exposure and ...


Do You Have This Number 1 Item In Your First Aid Kit? |

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Aloe Vera is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal all rolled into one, making it a miraculous healing machine. Aloe Vera can replace dozens of commercial first aid products so that bandages, antibacterial sprays and many others are rendered obsolete. The history of Aloe Vera Traditionally, aloe was used topically to heal wounds and for various skin conditions, and orally as a laxative. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Aloe Vera as a natural food flavoring. But now many are beginning to ...


Can You Afford to Ignore This Inexpensive Health Advantage? Find Out More |

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Garlic had a reputation in folklore as an herbal “wonder drug” with its benefits ranging from preventing each and everything from colds and flu to the dreaded Plague!  But that is not as far fetched as it sounds as you will see below that the garlic health benefits are numerous and varied. Garlic has a long history dating back over six thousand years The health and medicinal benefits of garlic have been well documented. Garlic grows in a head, called the bulb, averaging about ...


If You Are Worried About The State Of Your Liver, Could Milk Thistle Help You? |

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The milk thistle is a unique liver protectant and for this reason it can be used as a hangover cure too.  The milk thistle is even more interesting because it has no equal in the world of conventional medicine. Information about the Milk Thistle Native to the Mediterranean region in Europe, the milk thistle is now found throughout the world, although it prefers dry, sunny climates.  The spiny stems branch at the top and reach a height of 4 to10 feet.  The ...

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