Is Divorce Tearing Your Family Apart? |

Added May 12, 2010, Under: Children's Health, Parents

Sadly, divorce is always a possibility in any marriage and all too often the children take the brunt.  How we handle divorce will have the greatest impact on our children’s future. You want them to get through this traumatic time with the least possible damage. You want them to grow up not feeling resentful or torn between the two of you. You want them to look back on this time in their lives and feel proud at the way you handled yourself. And this ...


Could Breast Milk be the New Miracle Cure? – Part 2 |

Added May 11, 2010, Under: Babies, Children's Health, New Moms, Pregnancy

Recently, I told you about how researchers were excited about the probable benefits of human breast milk for the treatment of many illnesses including cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Breast milk could also be a new and easier source of stem cells. And this was on top of the well known and documented benefits of breast milk as food for babies. In addition, scientists are looking at whether breast milk could help treat chronic diarrhea which kills up to 2.2 million ...


How Safe Are Children’s Over-The-Counter Medications? |

Added May 10, 2010, Under: Babies, Children's Health, Drugs, New Moms, Parents

There is a lot of coverage in the media about the recent recall of children’s Tylenol products which the FDA say were knowingly contaminated. The company responsible was McNeil Consumer Healthcare which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. A report from FDA found that the infants’ and children’s line of Tylenol products were contaminated with dangerous bacteria as well as dark or black specks of foreign material. For a very interesting slant on this story, go to here where as ...


Are You In Danger Of Becoming A Binge Drinker? |

Added May 7, 2010, Under: Diseases, Women's Health

Along with independence and a great career, many women are trying to keep up with the guys on the drinking front too.  They enjoy going out for drinks with friends or having wine with a meal. But is it possible that such social drinking can get out of control? Everyone knows that alcohol can be addictive and that the disease of alcoholism is an enormous problem for many but of course women who are social drinkers are not in the same league ...


Could Breast Milk be the New Miracle Cure |

Added May 6, 2010, Under: Health, New Moms, Pregnancy, Technology

There are now reports doing the rounds that human milk may well be some kind of miracle healing product. What are the studies behind these reports? A Swedish team from Gothenburg University has published their findings. The team injected some patients with a breast milk compound to treat tumors in their bladders and found that the size of these tumors reduced in just 5 days. They had been looking at the antibiotic properties of breast milk when a researcher noticed that cancerous ...


What Can You Do To Prevent Motion Sickness When Travelling? |

Added May 1, 2010, Under: Environment, Health, Sickness

Motion sickness and other forms of nausea are very unpleasant to put up with and if you suffer from this, I hope this post will help you to avoid this discomfort in the future. Feelings of nausea, dizziness, headache and anxiety are all too common during travel and they can take the enjoyment out of a trip. You need to get a handle on this form of motion sickness so that it does not stop you from traveling in the first ...

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