Everyone Knows That Spinach Is Good For You But Find Out Just How Much |

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  Dark green leafy vegetables are a super food all on their own with spinach providing more nutrients than any other food when you compare calorie for calorie. Have you got spinach on the menu for supper tonight? I have! So what is all the fuss about? One of the great things about spinach is that it is always available just about anywhere. It is easy to grow and it is affordable. Cooked as a vegetable, it should be lightly steamed or popped ...


Why Are So Many Young Girls Experiencing Ever Earlier Puberty? |

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If you have a young daughter or granddaughter, you will naturally be anxious for them to remain a child for the normal number of years that you would expect – at the very least until they are about to start high school. But in the past decade, the number of early developers has risen substantially. Doctors and parents alike are worried about possible causes The current statistics are that by the age of 7 years old, 10% of white girls and 23% ...


Don’t Poison Your Body With OTC Drugs or Prescription Pharmaceuticals If You Can Possibly Avoid It |

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The fact that pharmaceutical drugs have turned up in waterways, lakes and rivers (where they have even poisoned the resident wild life) is evidence enough that these same drugs are going to put toxins in our own bodies' systems. The drugs end up in the water because of human and livestock excretions as well as unwanted drugs just being flushed down the toilet and poured down the sink. The extent of the damage being done is still being studied but ...


Could You Be Suffering From Iron Deficiency Anemia? |

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Iron deficiency is much more common in women while children of all ages have rapid growth spurts making them susceptible to iron deficiency and anemia.  Even lead poisoning can be a cause in children. Strict vegetarians are more prone to iron deficiency because iron may well be lacking in their diet while people who have lost their teeth have difficulty in eating a balanced diet and may be absorbing too little iron. Pregnant women need extra iron to nourish their unborn ...


Why Is Folic Acid So Important For Us All & Not Just In Pregnancy? |

Added January 29, 2011, Under: Diseases, Health, Pregnancy

We all need folic acid every day to help our bodies make new cells - new cells for our skin, our hair, our nails and of of course all the other parties of our body. Folic acid is a type of vitamin B – it is very essential to us all to lead a healthy life. Most people become aware of the benefits of folic acid only when a woman in their family is pregnant because folic acid and a healthy ...


How to Cleanse Your Body with Parsley, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Chlorella or Chlorophyll |

Added January 27, 2011, Under: Diets, Diseases, Health, How To, Skin Conditions

The longer you live, the greater chance of accumulating toxins in your body from the environment in which you live. A yearly cleanse is something you might like to consider This would help cleanse your body, eliminate those toxic substances and keep the body functioning properly and healthily. Although our body consistently detoxes itself every day, with the help of the liver and kidneys, the body's own natural functions can cause toxins with the effort. Suspicious that you have a toxic build up? Then ...


How To Get The Toxins Out Of Your Baby’s Laundry |

Added January 25, 2011, Under: Babies, Children's Health, Doctors, Environment, Headaches & Migraines

It's time to make our everyday world less toxic and one of the ways is to change how you do your laundry and to start using more natural laundry products. In her Natural Moms Blog, the writer, Lexi, says that even many of the special baby laundry detergents sold in stores contain heavy perfumes and dyes that can cause allergy or irritate baby’s delicate skin. She writes: “I have recently discovered soap nuts, an all-natural and allergen-free laundry detergent that comes from a ...


What Can We Do About Those Food Cravings? |

Added January 24, 2011, Under: Diets, Nutrition, Women's Health

If we crave a specific food (and not just when we are pregnant) there could be many different reasons for this. In fact, most food cravings are not even about food. It is said by many doctors and dieticians that cravings stem from a complex combination of 3 factors – emotions, hormones and those that are biochemical. Emotions One of the main reasons is an emotional reaction to something that has upset us. We all know about comfort food and how stuffing our ...


Don’t Put Anything On Your Skin You Would Not Want To Eat! |

Added January 23, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health, Skin Conditions

Commercial skin care and personal care products are loaded with toxins and chemicals that you certainly would not want to eat. Have a look at the label on any such product and you will probably find a list of long incomprehensible ingredients. Don't be fooled by these – they are not anything you could safely swallow. Fortunately you have the choice to go for a natural alternative. At long last, men are starting to take extra care of their skin The integrity of ...


Looking for an Anti-Aging Food? The Avocado is Just the Answer |

Added January 19, 2011, Under: Diseases, Health, Nutrition

The delicious and creamy rich avocado is today considered to be one of the world's healthiest fruits because of its nutrient contents such as vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper and sensible calories. When it comes to anti-ageing and longevity, the avocado is a winner ensuring your body can make the necessary repairs for a longer and healthier life. Avocados are rich in antioxidants but there is much more 1. Better nutrient absorption as research has ...

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