Have You Ever Thought About Safety In Your Closet? |

Added June 9, 2011, Under: Environment, Health

  Your clothes closet may be all neat and tidy with matching hangars and everything in its place - so that you can find that item of clothing quickly and efficiently - but have you ever thought about whether your closet is actually safe? Do you have any items regularly dry cleaned? There is a dangerous chemical used in the dry cleaning process called perchloroethylene and as a stain remover, it is a known human carcinogen and can cause damage to your nervous ...


Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Hands Looking Younger |

Added June 8, 2011, Under: Environment, Health, Skin Conditions

We are all keen to work on the signs of aging and wrinkles on the face and neck but we may be guilty of neglecting another vulnerable area – namely our hands - especially if we live in areas with extremes in climate. The skin on our hands is extra thin, needing protection to keep youthful 1. When the weather is cold, wear gloves not only to keep your hands warm but to protect them from damage.  In very cold weather, finger ...


Is There A Link Between Wrinkles & Bone Density |

Added June 7, 2011, Under: Diseases, Skin Conditions, Women's Health

  As we grow older, some of us worry about wrinkles and how they can affect our appearance. But something very interesting has come up and that is that the amount of wrinkles we develop may be able to predict how likely we are to suffer from bone fractures. The reason for this conclusion is because the level of proteins in the skin and bones are linked. Therefore it stands to reason that if a woman's face and neck are severely wrinkled, ...


MCS Is A Debilitating Condition Caused By A Toxic Environment |

Added June 4, 2011, Under: Environment, Skin Conditions

  I recently met someone who has MCS and as I had not come across it before, I thought I would research this condition and include some information in this blog. As our environment becomes more and more polluted, the numbers with this condition will surely increase so it makes sense for us to know what we could be up against and how we could avoid being affected ourselves. What is MCS? MCS or multiple chemical sensitivity is a disorder where people develop ...


10 Ways To Get Energized In The Summertime |

Added June 2, 2011, Under: Diseases, Doctors, Headaches & Migraines

Hotter summer weather can leaving us feeling less energetic especially if we live in a more humid climate. So how can we give ourselves a quick energy boost in a healthy, rejuvenating way? Try these top ten tips 1. Have you heard about natural peppermint scent and how it acts as a mood enhancer to boost your motivation, concentration and of course your energy? You can achieve this by adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your bath, by drinking and ...


How Can Getting Into Your Car Harm Your Health? |

Added , Under: Diseases, Environment, Health

Did you know that harmful toxins and chemicals can affect you when you climb into your car, especially when it has been parked in the sun? The main problem is the emission of Benzene. There are a number of ill health effects relating to Benzene exposure, some of which are painful or uncomfortable and others that can be deadly. Moderate to high levels of Benzene exposure can lead to: rapid heart rate; headaches; dizziness; confusion; drowsiness; unconsciousness; vomiting; or convulsions. The more ...

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