Is There Too Much Salt In Your Diet? |

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We all like our food to be tasty and not too bland, but it could be that our salt consumption is too high and reducing the amount of salt we consume is an easy way to prevent and protect us from hypertension and of course, high blood pressure. Who are most at risk? Black people in particular are more prone to this problem and this is reflected in US figures from 1999-2004, which show that adult blacks in the United States have ...


So What is All The Fuss About Whole grains? |

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There is much debate about the importance of whole grains in our daily diet with some health sites trumpeting the benefits of whole grains while others come out against most if not all whole grains. Gluten intolerance A surprisingly high proportion of the population (whether they know it or not) suffers from gluten intolerance and the whole grains of at least wheat, barley and rye should be avoided by them. There are others who find that wheat causes bloating (and I count myself ...


Alopecia Areata Is A More Unusual Hair Loss Condition |

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  Alopecia is the name given to the loss of hair. We all know that type of alopecia called androgenetic alopecia where men, and even some women, at a younger or older age start to go bald and the baldness is permanent. However, alopecia areata is the more unusual condition when the body's immune system attacks hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition but the cause is unknown. The immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy ...


Are You Seriously Sleep Deprived? |

Added July 29, 2011, Under: Men's Health, Women's Health

Although it is true that many parents of babies and young children are sleep deprived, because of disturbed nights, many others will sacrifice their sleep in order to have a 24 hour lifestyle. A 24 hour lifestyle These adults get up early to go to the gym or for a jog; they work a long day at their job; and then they they might carry on with other activities in the evening so that they end up with just 6 hours or ...


8 Steps You Should Take When Using A Cell Phone |

Added July 28, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Health, Technology

The use of cell phones or mobile phones (different names for different countries) has become so widespread that it is said that the majority of the total world's population now use one. And no one is denying how useful this tool for communication can be. The cell phone is a comparatively recent innovation so the long term studies differ as to the extent of the danger to you from these items of convenience but do you want to hang around long ...


A Healthy Life Can Be As Simple As A Bowl Of Cherries |

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Cherries must be one of the most delicious of all fruits and because the season is short, it is easy to be greedy at cherry time. But no problem with that greed because a daily bowl of cherries has many health benefits including easing the aches and pains (but minus the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs) that come with arthritis, gout or even chronic headaches. Now is the time for cherries It is cherry season now in the northern hemisphere so time ...


The Healing & Medicinal Benefits Of Herbs & Spices In Cooking|

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In the fall and winter months, many plants go into hibernation mode, storing the nutrients in their roots before bursting forth again in the spring. This is the best time to harvest the roots of certain herbs, ensuring the highest level of nutrients and natural chemical constituents. As well as for natural medicinal purposes, herbs can be used to good effect in cooking, bringing special flavor to most dishes and at the same time lessening the side effects of winter food ...


Self Harm & The Scars That Can Result |

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  Self harm is one of the subjects that many people would prefer not to think about but it is possible that someone who is close to you is self-harming. Sometimes it is the only way that they can cope with something that has happened or is happening to them. But self harm can leave behind both emotional and physical scars even after the habit has ceased. Self harm can be a sign of very deep distress and has been described as an ...


There are 3 Good Ss & 3 Bad Ss Affecting Our Health |

Added July 25, 2011, Under: Diseases

Stress, sugar and sitting are three of the components of modern day life that are causing us health problems but sleep, sunlight and superfoods can go a long way to counteract their detrimental effects. Stress has become a national pastime as we worry about every natural and man-made catastrophe played out on our TV screens as well as the various personal crisis from which no family can escape. We need to distinguish between pressure and stress. The former can be a ...


Goji Berries Help To Keep You Young Plus Other Benefits |

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Goji berries are yet another super food to try - and full of many health benefits. The orange-red berries grow on evergreen shrubs in temperate and subtropical regions of China as well as Mongolia and Tibet and are a member of the nightshade family. Goji berries have been the mainstay of herbalists in China and other countries for thousands of years. What do goji berries look like? Usually marketed dry, goji berries take on the look of shriveled red raisins but in ...

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