Yes You Can Be Too Thin, 6 Tips To Help You Put On That Weight |

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The whole emphasis today is on people being overweight and obese but there are some out there who struggle to actually put on weight. If you are one of those who are too thin and largely forgotten by the media, perhaps it is time to give you some time in the spotlight so that you can reach your optimum weight and become more healthy. Being underweight is not without problems The underweight are never going to receive any sympathy or support from ...


Adding Extra Sunshine in your Life, the Sunflower |

Added July 16, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Diets, Health

Of all the flowers we know and love, the sunflower is probably just tipped into second place by the rose. And like the rose, the sunflower has many uses but is particularly noted for its healthy seeds. More about the sunflower The Latin, and more formal, name for the sunflower is helianthus annus and it comes brimful of those seeds which contain a yellow, sweet oil. Sunflower seed oil has more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. But the sunflower has other ...


How to Increase Your Vitamin D Levels Through Sunlight |

Added July 15, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health, Vitamin D

The media, marketing and advertising have done such a good job in turning the public against the sun in the past 30 years that the majority of people are now vitamin D deficient. Although the threat of skin cancer is the main reason put forward for avoiding the sun, optimizing your vitamin D levels could actually help prevent many different types of cancer. And how do you receive sufficient vitamin D to ensure you are not deficient? Ironically, the very best way ...


It Is Time To Get Our Babies & Children Moving Again |

Added July 13, 2011, Under: Babies, Children's Health, Exercise, Parents

In new guidelines published, and in an attempt to reduce the growing problem of obesity in the UK, the British Government is encouraging parents to provide exercise opportunities for babies and preschoolers every day. The campaign says that children under the age of 5 - including babies who can't even walk yet - should exercise every day while those who are walking should be physically active for at least 3 hours a day. The Government officials are asking that parents should ...


10 Good Health Reasons for a Daily Serving of Delectable Strawberries |

Added July 12, 2011, Under: Diseases, Health, Nutrition

  It is summer in the northern hemisphere and the height of the strawberry season. The majority of people just love strawberries which are always famously at the top of the menu at the annual Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in England – strawberries and cream. But apart from their glorious taste and versatility when serving them at the table, strawberries are full of health benefits too. 10 good reasons to eat that cup of strawberries for your health just as often as you ...


Papayas Could Be What The Heart Desires |

Added July 11, 2011, Under: Diseases, Health, Nutrition

We are all urged to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and in as many different colors as possible. With its yellow skin and delicious orange fruit, the papaya is an easy fruit to choose and eat. The health benefits of the papaya It is good to know that yellow and orange fruits and vegetables contain varying amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C as well as carotenoids and bioflavonoids, those two classes of phytochemicals that scientists are studying extensively for ...


Here Are Several Reasons Why You Might Wake Up Still Craving More Sleep |

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With a large proportion of the adult population of the western world being sleep deprived, do you wake up every morning still feeling tired? Apart from not getting enough sleep every night, it is possible that there is another reason for this. 7 possible causes for waking up in the morning not feeling refreshed and still craving more sleep 1. Do you need a new mattress on your bed. The average mattress loses most of it's support after eight to twelve years ...


10 Healthy Benefits from Laughter, The Best Medicine |

Added July 5, 2011, Under: Diseases, Health, Skin Conditions

When you laugh, your brain releases endorphins that create feelings of joy and euphoria. So don't let anybody ever stop you from having a good laugh – they could be harming your health. Remember that you cannot laugh and be stressed at the same time. So turn away from a sterner and more serious way of living to a lighter, laughter-filled lifestyle. Laughing is one of the few times when it is good to be contagious – if you are ...


How To Age Without Appearing To Do So! |

Added July 4, 2011, Under: Health, Weight Loss

As you grow older it stands to reason that you worry more about ageing but there is a lot of truth in the saying “you are as old as you feel”. Like with so many other concerns in life, thinking and acting positively can be a great help. If you can persuade yourself to think and feel younger than you actually are, then you will be so. But here are some tips to help you in your quest to slow down ...

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