Olive Oil & 12 Ways To Make Your Life Easier |

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Olive oil is a natural and healthy product not only for us to consume, as often as we like, but also around the home. You can use a bottle of inexpensive, domestic olive oil for these around-the-house uses. To avoid waste, you can fill a spray bottle with olive oil. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals when you use olive oil, instead of commercial products, in these ways. 6 olive oil tips for your personal use 1.  Use olive oil to ...


How Safe Are Mooncups, Pads & Other Girly Stuff? |

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As you can imagine, women will use thousands of different types of sanitary products during their lifetime – it can be as many as twenty thousand. But how safe are these countless items when you consider that they are worn so intimately and so often? There is much to consider Manufacturers of sanitary pads and tampons are not legally required to provide the ingredients in their products. They do not have to list any chemicals used in the manufacturing process. In the search ...


Do You Suffer From Ringing In The Ear? |

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Millions of people both in America and worldwide suffer from tinnitus or head noises. This condition can vary from mild to severe but those who have an intermittent sound or a continuous noise in their ears may have trouble hearing, working or even sleeping. A severe case of tinnitus can impact on your quality of life but in milder cases, many people just put up with it and learn to live with this condition over time. The word comes from the ...


If You Are Cleaning Your Teeth, Who Is Cleaning Your Toothbrush? |

Added November 19, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Dental Care, Health

Keeping our teeth clean seems to get more complicated as the years go by. Now we have to worry about keeping our toothbrushes clean too as they can be a breeding grounds for germs. Here are a few different ways to keep the bacteria at bay One method is to have three toothbrushes per member of the family and to rotate them, allowing each toothbrush to sit for 24 hours after it has dried out. How you go about introducing such a ...


Natural Antibiotics Can Be A Powerful Defender Against Sickness |

Added November 17, 2011, Under: Doctors, Drugs, Headaches & Migraines, Health, Sickness

There are always going to be times when we need an antibiotic to treat a serious infection or illness but we should also be aware of how, in the past few decades, the use of antibiotics has been seriously abused to such an extent that we get antibiotic resistance. To reverse this resistance, we need to stop using antibiotics unnecessarily and the food industry needs to stop using antibiotics as growth enhancers in animal feed. Other results from this abuse and ...

By Jane Chitty with Comments Off on Natural Antibiotics Can Be A Powerful Defender Against Sickness |

Face Scars Are Not Necessarily For Ever |

Added November 16, 2011, Under: Doctors, Health, Skin Conditions, Technology

Although most of us will carry at least one scar (however small and often dating back to our childhood), scars on the face can be distressing. These may be from an accident or an injury but acne is a major cause of facial scarring. Other reasons for facial scars could be the removal of moles or skin tags by excising. Depending on their severity, it may be possible to remove or lessen the appearance of these facial scars. Even though they ...


10 Ways to Maintain and Even Improve Your Bone Health |

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Achieving optimum bone health (while avoiding osteoporosis later on) is often about what you eat, the supplements you take and regular exercise. Here is what to do 1. Avoid processed foods which are minus the nutrients you need and often full of refined salt. Refined salt saps calcium from the bones, weakening them over time. But refined salt should not be confused with natural salt which is essential for life (you cannot live without it ) but it must be natural and ...


Can You Still Hear Birds Singing Or Are You Suffering From Some Hearing Loss? |

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Healing loss can creep up so slowly that you just may not realize that you are affected. In fact you could be the last person to know as it is often the case that friends, co-workers or family members spot the problem before you do. Sounds like birdsong, footsteps or leaves rustling in the wind are often the first sounds to fade away and not be heard any more by someone with hearing loss. Of all the five senses, our hearing ...


Lemon Balm is the Sweetest Herb of All |

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  Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family and is sometimes known as Lemon Mint, Melissa, Bee Balm, Sweet Balm or Cure-All and is the sweetest of all the herb family. Originating in the mountains of Southern Europe, lemon balm has now spread worldwide and has always been associated with the relieving of melancholy. The pretty white flowers of the lemon balm plant have led to its widespread cultivation in gardens. Lemon balm can be easily grown by taking cuttings and ...


Stressful Situations & What To Do Or What Not To Do |

Added November 13, 2011, Under: Babies, Exercise, Health, Pregnancy

Managing stress and stressful situations is is all about taking charge: of your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, your environment and of course the way you deal with problems but until you accept responsibility for the role you play in creating or maintaining it, your stress level will remain outside your control and you will not be able to take charge. Stress making you reach for the bottle? Many behaviors that increase in times of stress are actually very negative. These could ...

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