5 Safer Ways To Treat Or Prevent The Symptoms Of Asthma |

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The number of asthma cases keeps on growing. Can you believe an increase of more than 300% over the last two decades? Asthma affects an estimated thirty million Americans including many children. This inflammatory condition, typically of the upper airways, results in symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. When the symptoms are especially severe, it can be extremely stressful for the sufferer. How is asthma treated medically? Asthma can be treated with two types of pharmaceutical medications: long-term ...


Safer, Natural Ways to Treat ADD & ADHD in Children |

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Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are baffling and frustrating conditions in children that are not helped by the fact that experts do not agree on their exact cause or causes. The American Psychiatric Association lists 14 signs, of which at least 8 must be present for a child to be officially classified as ADD/ADHD. The 14 signs are 1. Frequent fidgeting with hands or feet, or squirming while seated. 2. Having difficulty remaining seated when required to do so. 3. Being easily ...


Nail Buffing is the Safe Alternative to Nail Polish |

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Many women like to keep their nails looking attractive and polished especially in the work place or for special occasions. But nail polish and remover can be particularly toxic and it becomes very high maintenance to keep those nails looking freshly polished because, let's face it, nothing looks more tacky than chipped nail polish. What is in various commercial nail products? Nail polish, polish removers and artificial nail products contain a host of toxic chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, reproductive ...


Have You Thought About the Importance of Your Family Medical History? |

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  There is a nostalgic trend for people to trace their family trees by going back several generations or as far as they are able. If there is not a lot of actual evidence in the family archives, many will use such web sites as to help them on their way. However, there is another important aspect to tracing your family history that you might not have thought of. That is your family's medical history This could hold vital information about your ...


When You Have To Change To A Dairy-Free Diet |

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Perhaps you, a member of your family or even your child has been found to have a milk intolerance. It has been estimated that over 7.5% of the USA population now live dairy-free. If you are one of the statistics, don't worry as there are lots of delicious alternatives to dairy that you can use instead although you should avoid soy as this is largely produced from GM sources. Look out for soy when checking ingredients on labels You can buy rice ...


Include More Raw Food In Your Diet For A Healthier Year Ahead |

Added January 14, 2012, Under: Health, Nutrition

Starting a new year off on the right foot could mean a change in diet and what better than adding more raw food either by having a higher component of raw food included in each and every meal or by making one meal every day wholly raw.  There is a huge and growing movement towards eating raw with many Hollywood celebrities joining in. explain the science of a raw food diet "A raw foodist is someone that eats 75-100% living, nutritionally-dense ...


Some Easier Resolutions To Make & Keep For A New Year |

Added January 13, 2012, Under: Exercise, Health

Resolve to become a list writer because if you can make and keep this one resolution, it will help you to make and keep the rest of your resolutions. A list provides excellent direction and helps an unreliable memory. Plus if you can cross items off a list, whether on a daily basis or for longer goals, it is so satisfying and boosts your self esteem. I keep a daily list in my page-a-day actual diary (I am not a fan ...


Pregnancy & The Stokke Giving You 4 Beds in 1|

Added January 12, 2012, Under: Babies, Children's Health, New Moms, Pregnancy

If you are planning a nursery for your new baby, then top of the list is always the crib or cot. But which one to choose?  I have discovered a great convertible nursery bed that is four-beds-in-one so that in spite of a more costly outlay at the beginning, you save money in the long run on this nursery bed that can be used indefinitely. With add-ons, the nursery cot just keeps on growing and giving Stokke AS is a Norwegian company ...


32 Safer Uses for WD-40 |

Added January 11, 2012, Under: Environment, Health

WD-40 is a nationally renowned product in the US and has been for many years. There are loads of uses and I will list many of these later in this post. However, some of these suggested applications involve putting WD-40 on your skin to prevent arthritis pain in the joints or using as a lure when fishing. I would not be happy about recommending such practices for a product that is petroleum based. WD-40's formula is a actually a trade secret The ...


Change to a Natural Toothpaste for a Safer Teeth Cleaning Experience |

Added January 10, 2012, Under: Diseases, Health

A growing band of knowledgeable consumers are turning away from commercial brands of toothpaste because they have become aware how they are loaded with toxic chemicals including the now discredited fluoride. In fact, instructions on commercial toothpaste packaging warn against swallowing toothpaste (as if that will keep you safe). Fluoride should always be avoided Fluoride 'fills in' holes in teeth and bones before the body has an opportunity to correct the holes with proper minerals. Fluoride actually creates weaker teeth and bones. ...

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