Our Tongues Have A Tale To Tell |

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Have you noticed how a doctor will often ask you to stick out your tongue when you go for a medical consultation? This is because the tongue can often be an indication of something wrong elsewhere in or on your body. In Chinese medicine, practitioners believe that the tongue reflects all the diseases of the body. How should a normal tongue look? A normal tongue should be a warm pinkish color with no cracks, no pieces missing around the edge (teeth marks), ...


Guavas, Humble But Oh So Healthy! |

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Guavas are often one of those fruits that grow so easily in people's gardens in warmer climates that they are not always grown commercially except perhaps for canning or juicing. You are more likely to find these pink or yellow fruits (roughly the size of a lemon) in gourmet, Indian or Hispanic markets rather than the produce aisle of your regular supermarket. Lycopene and guavas Guavas have lots of health benefits but top of the list is lycopene – one of the ...


Lycopene & 12 Different Sources For This Valuable Antioxidant |

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  Most of us enjoy eating fresh tomatoes but did you know that when you eat those tomatoes cooked rather than raw, you get the benefit of a very important antioxidant known as lycopene - it is also the reason for the intense color found in tomatoes and several other fruits. What research has found Recent studies and research have discovered just how important lycopene is to our health, helping in the prevention of cancers of the prostate, pancreas, stomach, breast, cervix and ...


Winning Workouts For Everone Who Has Arthritis |

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  Anyone who has put up with the pain and discomfort of arthritis will be anxious to improve their symptoms and one of the best ways is through exercise.  Arthritis often goes hand in hand with being overweight but exercise along with a wholesome diet can make you healthier and even lighter.  Remember that every pound that you carry (around the abdomen) puts an extra 10 pounds of pressure on those vulnerable joints.  Exercise also makes you feel good. Why is exercise ...


10 Robust Reasons to Rock that Chair |

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Whether you use them inside or out, rocking chairs are a great way of exercising without too much effort, especially for those who have limited mobility. Rocking provides a way to tone the leg muscles of those who cannot tolerate weight-bearing exercise, bringing a safe activity to people who might live an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Forget about all those high tech gadgets when an old fashioned rocking chair (which may even already be in your home) can do the job. Those health ...


New Moms & That All Important Rocking Chair |

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The rocking chair is that timeless piece of furniture found in so many homes in the USA and elsewhere. While rocking chairs will usually conjure up an image of a couple of elderly people rocking gently on their porch or a young mother rocking her baby to sleep, you might not be aware of the tremendous health benefits gained from rocking.  Rocking is very healthy for both new moms and their babies We are all familiar with the idea of rocking a ...


10 Tips To Get Those Taste Buds Working As They Should |

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Taste buds are sensory organs in the form of little bumps on your tongue that allow you to experience all the different tastes whether they are sweet, salty, sour or bitter by sending messages to the brain. The average person has up to 10,000 taste buds and they are replaced every 2 weeks or so. But as a person ages, some of those taste cells don't get replaced. An older person may only have 5,000 working taste buds and, of course, ...


Flame Retardant Items – Harmful For You & Your Family |

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A system was developed in the US, after the tragic fire that took the lives of the Apollo crew on the launch pad in the late 1960s, and this was for flame retardant material. This flame retardant system was intended to be used exclusively for space clothing but went on to be used for flammable materials in the helicopters in the Vietnam War because so many soldiers were dying from out-of-control onboard fires during fire flights. Unfortunately, it did not stop ...


What Are Tissue Salts & Why Are They Important? |

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There are twelve primary tissue salts and these are are made up from minerals naturally found in rocks and soil. Our bodies can utilize these if we eat food that has been grown in mineral rich soil but so often the ground has become so depleted that, along with poor lifestyle choices, we may suffer from a lack of minerals as a consequence. We can lose minerals in the following ways 1. Sweating during exercise 2. Stress and anxiety 3. Poor eating habits such ...


Kale is a Superfood & Especially Rich in the Often Forgotten Vitamin K |

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Kale has suddenly become a very fashionable vegetable with its many health and nutritional benefits and delicious flavor. One of the healthiest vegetables you can eat, kale is also known as borecole and this leafy green comes in curly, ornamental or dinosaur varieties. It belongs to the same family as those other invaluable brassicas – cabbage, collards, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. 10 good reasons to include kale in your diet Antioxidants – full of carotenoids and flavonoids, two powerful antioxidants that protect ...

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