Plant Lemon Verbena for its Aroma, Health Benefits & to Attract Butterflies |

Added May 20, 2012, Under: Health

  Every herb garden should include a lemon verbena, the leaves of which are highly prized for their lovely sharp lemony aroma, and with the added bonus that this pretty shrub will attract colorful butterflies to your garden. Some tips on growing lemon verbena The lemon verbena needs full sun in a sheltered and frost-free position. While it is not fussy about having a rich soil, it should be light, well-drained and alkaline – in fact the poorer the soil, the stronger the ...


Healing Herbs for Herbal Salt & More |

Added May 19, 2012, Under: Nutrition

Did you know that you can gather together some fresh herbs from your garden or container or even your kitchen window ledge and make your own herbal salt to give lots of extra taste and healthy benefits to your cooking. If you add herbal salts during the cooking process, the herb flavor will permeate the food. Alternatively, you can sprinkle herbal salt on your food when serving for extra taste and zing. For herbal salt, this is what you will need Glass ...


Hypertrophic Scars Can Happen When Healing Process Goes Amiss |

Added May 18, 2012, Under: Skin Conditions

Hypertrophic scars can be caused by surgery (such as skin surgery or other restorative surgical procedures involving the skin), injections, body piercings, acne or other trauma to the skin. A hypertrophic scar is a scar which becomes swollen, puffy and reddened, causing it to stand out from the surrounding skin. It can be very noticeable and very embarrassing while the psychological impact of scars can be deeply distressing, particularly those on the face, neck, chest, arm or hand. Hypertrophic scars are sometimes ...


Often You Do Not Need Pharmaceutical Drugs As Food Can Be Your Medicine |

Added May 17, 2012, Under: Nutrition, Vitamin D

There was a poster doing the rounds on facebook yesterday which said “the greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it".  And of course food is the best medicine. If your immune system is strong and able to handle alien invaders, it will defend and protect your body. You don't need a flu shot to do the defending and protecting, feeding and maintaining your immune system will do the job best. 6 foods that provide natural ...


Anxious About Arthritis? 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Joints |

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Whatever your age, it makes good sense to look after your joints to keep them in good shape for years to come. Joints are surprisingly important in the bigger picture, allowing you to do all the movements necessary between your bones – bending your knees, arching your back, moving your fingers, swinging those hips and turning your head. What happens if you neglect to look after your joints? Aging, being overweight, injuries, bad posture, lack of sleep and of course general wear and ...


9 Ways to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth, Safely & Healthily |

Added May 16, 2012, Under: Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

The dangers of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, both to your health and as an addiction, have been well documented and of course artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, and now neotame, are just as toxic. The human body is totally unable to utilize the roughly 225 pounds of sugar and HFCS consumed by the average American every year. Before the 1900s, the yearly consumption was only 5 pounds. Our livers turn this blood sugar into fat (triglycerides) where it is ...


Processed Foods Versus Whole Foods |

Added May 15, 2012, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Health, Nutrition

Any illness or disease can be traced to one of three causes – genetic, environmental or poor nutritional habits. The third one is the most important and the easiest for you to change because the food you eat or do not eat is the number one contributing factor to any ill health. Just by giving up the unhealthy food and changing to healthy eating for a period of time (and hopefully for the rest of your life) can bring about a ...


Include Artichokes in Your Diet to Promote Your Overall Wellness |

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Fortunate enough to have access to artichokes?  Then take the whole vegetable (stem and all) and steam it and you will have a magical meal full of health benefits.  This post is about the every day globe artichokes and not Jerusalem artichokes which are a different plant - not an artichoke and not from Jerusalem! Artichokes have been found in studies to bring on apoptosis (cell death) while reducing cell proliferation in many different cancers including prostate, leukemia and breast cancer. The ...


Wormwood & One Of The Best Known Of Medicinal Herbs |

Added May 14, 2012, Under: Health

This herb has been used for hundreds of years and has many medicinal benefits with its antiseptic, anti-worm and narcotic effect. It gets its name from its ability to get rid of worms but is also effective for relieving pain and treating fevers; constipation; coughs, sore throats and flu; jaundice; and for restoring the appetite. Wormwood is a Mediterranean perennial and aromatic herb It comes from the Aster family with grayish-green leaves and light yellow flowers. The whole herb grows up to ...


Looking For Gluten-Free? Millet Could Be The Perfect All Grain For You |

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Cooked to be creamy like mashed potatoes or fluffy like rice, millet is a delicious and versatile grain that can accompany many types of food. And a big plus today is that this tiny grain is “gluten free” and packed with many vitamins and minerals – a veritable powerhouse of goodness. This staple of any whole grain diet is over 10% protein with a high fiber content and especially full of B-complex vitamins but one of the most important aspects of ...

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