This Form of Exercise Will Make You Smile All The Way to Good Health |

Added July 30, 2012, Under: Exercise

With the popularity of the UK's Strictly Come Dancing, and its USA spin off Dancing with the Stars, the whole dancing craze has really taken off and what could be better for your health? Dancing on a regular basis burns lots of calories, boosts your fitness health and with the current Alzheimer's epidemic, lowers your risk of dementia by an astounding 76%. Frequent dancing makes us smarter with growing evidence that stimulating one's mind can ward off those aging diseases, ...


Caring About This Resource Should Be As Important To Us As Breathing |

Added July 29, 2012, Under: Diseases, Environment, Health, Skin Conditions

The beautiful blue of the oceans on Earth, as seen from outer space, are what make our planet so unique and special. The lifeblood of all the creatures on our planet, the oceans hold 97% of the water, produce over half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb most of the carbon. Nearly everything that affects our daily lives either comes from the ocean or is transported by it. And yet this wonderful resource is abused and treated like one ...


Could These Be Harming Your Health While Not Even Saving Energy? |

Added July 23, 2012, Under: Environment, Health, Skin Conditions

There has been a massive campaign to encourage and, in some cases, even force householders to change from the 100 year old incandescent light bulb to CFL bulbs or to LED bulbs in the interests of saving energy and protecting the environment. However, in spite of their energy efficiency and supposed long lasting capabilities, we are now being warned of the dangers and toxicity of these same CFL bulbs - even when we do not manage to break them. How different ...


This Dangerously Common Deficiency Could Be Dealing Your Health A Blow |

Added July 22, 2012, Under: Diseases, Health, Nutrition

We have written posts about the huge importance of vitamin D in our lives as a feel good hormone and so much more, and we have touched on the forgotten vitamin – vitamin K – but now the possibility of being magnesium deficient is making headlines. In fact, vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium are all very important co-factors in the body's ability to properly use calcium. A comparatively modern discovery, the recognition of magnesium deficiency has only been around for some ...


You May Have Heard of This Tree But Do You Know The Superfruit it Produces? |

Added July 19, 2012, Under: Environment, Nutrition

There is a new superfruit gaining favor and interest and, just like rooibos tea, it originates from Africa. The baobab fruit comes from the famous upside-down baobab tree – called that because it looks as if it has been planted with its roots waving about up in the air. Wonderfully rich in vitamin C, calcium and anti-oxidants, baobab fruit can rightfully claim superfruit status - especially as it has now been approved by the food authorities in both Europe and the USA. The ...


Top 10 Family Togetherness Tips |

Added July 18, 2012, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise, Parents

Today it has become more important than ever to encourage family togetherness. Fairly easy-to-do when the children are young but the older they become, and the more involved in out-of-the-house activities, the more difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, keep at it even if that means at least once a day or several times a week you all do something together BUT preferably minus all the electronic paraphernalia (yes that means no TV, no cell phones, no Ipads and more!) unless you are ...


An Interview With Rachel, A Concerned And Caring Resident of California |

Added July 17, 2012, Under: Diets, Nutrition, Parents

During the past few weeks, Healing Natural Oils has conducted a number of interviews and here is the third in the series with Rachel who lives in Southern California. Rachel, thank you so much for agreeing to this chat and to begin with, please could I ask you about your professional and/ or work background? After university, I worked as a counselor to at-risk youth. My focus was young teenage girls who were choosing to have babies, some multiple times. I found ...


Are You Knocking Back the OTC Pain Relievers When There Are Safer Ways to Treat the Pain |

Added July 12, 2012, Under: Drugs

Aspirin is one of the most popular over the counter drugs in the world and most people think that aspirin is safe to use except for some minor stomach upset. Why taking aspirin is not a good idea Aspirin can cause ulcers in the stomach and duodenum and even lead to bleeding if ulcers are there. Just a small dose of aspirin causes some degree of intestinal bleeding while excessive aspirin can poison you – it is called salicylism – with ...


Is This Method One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Body Disease-Free? |

Added July 11, 2012, Under: Health

Many natural practitioners believe that one of the most powerful ways of remaining healthy and disease-free is to ensure the correct acid/alkaline balance in the body because it is well known that disease thrives in an acid environment. It is also a fact that our blood is naturally slightly alkaline so if we can also keep the body alkaline, this helps the body systems to function effectively. You can make the water you drink the correct pH level by using pH ...


Still a Fan of Low Fat? Find Out What Replaces the Fat |

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I was proof reading a consumer guide very recently and I was interested to read in the blurb for the advertising page for SAPPI (the South African Pulp and Paper Industry) that they produced chemical cellulose to make low fat dairy products creamier. I dug further and found that the cellulose used in many foods is processed powder or pulp from virgin wood but that it is not toxic so the FDA has approved it. In fact, the food industry and ...

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