Have You Come Across This Colorful Funky Fruit That Has So Much To Offer? |

Added August 31, 2012, Under: Nutrition

With a greater selection than ever available in your fresh fruit aisle, you may have come across this fruit that is a type of cactus. Resembling an exotic flower or even a coral colored flame, this could well be something new to try for you and your family. The brightly colored skin that comes in 3 colors, conceals a sweet flesh which might remind you of the kiwi fruit. Sometimes known as the red pitahaya, the belle of the night or a ...


The Risk of Mixing Herbal Supplements |

Added August 28, 2012, Under: Drugs

The production and marketing of herbal supplements is a successful industry, working as an alternative to the pharmaceutical drug industry. In spite of their really safe track record, with for example zero deaths recorded in 2010, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements are often targeted by the FDA as being potentially dangerous. On the other hand, a tragic number of people die every year from pharmaceutical drugs. The figures vary from source to source but are in the hundreds of thousands annually. However, in ...


The Ongoing Argument About What Causes Acne |

Added August 26, 2012, Under: Diets, Environment, Parents, Skin Conditions

Acne affects about 85% of all Americans at some time in their lives and is the most common skin condition in the USA. Added to the condition itself is the self-consciousness and social stigma that come with having acne, as adults and teens alike often feel embarrassed and helpless when trying to combat and treat this disorder. Acne vulgaris is the name given to common acne and is a disorder of the sebaceous glands so that when these glands lubricate the skin ...


The Generation of Prescription Pills |

Added August 24, 2012, Under: Drugs

Most of the time I do not reside in the United States so it always comes as a shock when I spend some time there to see the blatant advertising for prescription pills, especially on TV and in favorite magazines. Along with political campaign advertising, it is plain to see that the media derives most of its income from these sources – completely the opposite to the rest of the world. Apparently, New Zealand is the only other country that allows ...


Is This Condition a Result of Computers Taking Over Our Lives? |

Added August 22, 2012, Under: Health, Top 10

When we constantly use the same hand movements over and over, especially if the wrist is bent down with our hands lower than our wrists or we make the same wrist movements over and over again, we could be at risk of this syndrome. There is a passageway in our wrists through which the nerves and the flexor muscles of our hands pass. This is called the carpal tunnel but if something goes wrong, we can get a rather painful carpal ...


Synthetic versus Natural: the Ongoing Debate |

Added August 20, 2012, Under: Environment, Technology

Up until the middle of the 19th century, everything was natural and nothing was synthetic. The world was probably better off without synthetics but of course novelty and new are always exciting and when a vast array of synthetic materials hit the market place in the early to mid twentieth century, they caused great interest and enthusiasm that lasted for many decades. A nostalgic and more healthy return to many natural versions Synthetics cover a wide range including manufacturing processes such as ...


Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Health |

Added August 15, 2012, Under: Top 10

Paramount to improving your health is boosting your immune system. If you have to treat a medical condition, use natural remedies such as essential oils as your health modality, as these work by improving your immune system. Completely opposite, drugs work by depressing your immune system. Those top 10 ways... 1. Removing toxins is a good way to start on your journey for improved health and of course if it can be done the natural way so much the better. Bathing frequently gets ...


Want to Prevent Some Superbugs? Try this Essential Oil |

Added August 14, 2012, Under: Health

Superbugs are runaway bacteria that are able to survive every modern antibiotic and they can crop up in US hospitals as well as those in other countries. Superbugs typically strike the critically ill and are fatal in 30% to 60% of cases According to experts, the bacteria are equipped with a gene that enables them to produce an enzyme that disables antibiotics, meaning that the medical world has lost its drug of last resort. However, there is some light on the horizon – ...


20 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally |

Added August 11, 2012, Under: Weight Loss

Sometimes it just needs a special motivation to start the road to losing weight... My own husband, who has been overweight for many years, suddenly in January - and perhaps connected to that recurring habit of making a New Year's resolution - decided to make a concerted effort to lose weight. What really spurred him on was that he is a professional photographer and the knowledge that he had to take regular aerial photos over a long period but in a ...


You Might Think This Product is Protecting Your Family But Could It Be Causing Harm Instead? |

Added August 8, 2012, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health

  Hand sanitizers have been in daily use for several years now but they are not environmentally friendly and they really don't do your health any favors either because of the ingredients they can contain – namely triclosan, triclorcarbon and/or toluene. Think T for TOXIC! Once again, parents, teachers and health practitioners thought they were doing the right thing in insisting on the use of hand sanitizers but as with so many other modern innovations, there is an element of toxicity involved. In ...

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