Top Ten Tips Why You Should Ditch Those Dryer Sheets |

Added October 9, 2012, Under: Environment, Top 10

  We are all learning to pay more attention about what certain actions (we take) might be doing to our health and to our environment. One such action is the use of dryers for our laundry and I would be the first to admit that they are so useful to ensure sweet smelling dry laundry during rainy cold weather. But they come at a price – in terms of their cost, how they affect our health and their effect on the environment. Dryer ...


Top 10 Tips To Reduce Inflammation |

Added October 6, 2012, Under: Diseases, Inflammation, Top 10

Everyone needs a certain amount of inflammation in the body because, if you have an injury or infection, inflammation is necessary to help protect and heal your body. Symptoms of inflammation are redness, warmth, pain, swelling and loss of movement or function. However, inflammation can become chronic and even lead to asthma, skin rashes, arthritis, mood problems, multiple sclerosis and more. Some chronic inflammation goes unnoticed so that you are unaware of any damage being done Rather than reaching for pharmaceutical ...


Yet Another Super Fruit To Add To Your Luscious List |

Added October 1, 2012, Under: Nutrition

If the grape is the “queen of fruits” then this super fruit is the “king of fruits” with its unique flavor, texture and great health promoting properties. The only downside is that it can be rather messy to eat! But more on that later in the post. The mango is the summer fruit in question, which started life in India but is now widely distributed across the world in most continents. The national fruit of India, it is considered to be ...

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