This Ancient Form of Stress Relief Might Be Just What You Need to Enhance Your General Wellbeing |

Added November 30, 2012, Under: Diseases, Headaches & Migraines

Is meditation something that you could enjoy and benefit from? While some people love the freedom to just let everything go, others - especially when they have over active minds - find it hard to clear out their heads sufficiently to meditate. It is those same busy minds that can lead to insomnia in the wee small hours of the morning and too much tossing and turning while you try to resolve all the problems of the world. If you can ...


Could 007 Have Got Hold of the Wrong End of the Stick Regarding the Sun & His Skin Cancer? |

Added November 29, 2012, Under: Men's Health, Skin Conditions

It is fifty years since the first Bond movie and, although I don't like to admit it, I was a teen when Dr No was released and of course, along with every one else, went to watch at the local movie theater and loved the whole James Bond vibe. Now, everywhere you look, there are tributes to and interviews with everyone who has ever been remotely connected to the Bond phenomenon these past five decades. This week I came across an interview ...


A Spice That Is Full Of Flavor & Especially Popular At This Time Of The Year |

Added November 27, 2012, Under: Health, Nutrition, Skin Conditions

This healthy spice can be very evocative of the festive season but don't just use it during celebratory times, but all the year round too for its healing properties, and in baking for a wide variety of dishes. This spice is known as nutmeg Known as nutmeg, this ancient spice from the nutmeg tree originated in Banda, the largest of the Molucca Spice Islands of Indonesia. The English word nutmeg comes from the Latin nux (meaning nut) and muscat (meaning musky). The evergreen tree has egg-shaped leaves ...


Ten More Top Superfoods to Add to The List |

Added November 25, 2012, Under: Diseases, Nutrition

One of the important facts about superfoods – apart from their vital health-giving properties – is that they are often the most simple of foods to prepare and eat. Many can easily be eaten raw for optimum nutrients. The only one I find a little challenging to cook is kale but I am working on that. Here is my latest suggested list for some top ten superfoods 1. Coconut oil is one of the really good oils that everyone should try and ...


How to Educate Yourself on What is in Your Food & From Where Any Product Originated |

Added November 21, 2012, Under: Nutrition, Technology

Over recent years, we have slowly been educated about reading labels on food – especially packaged and processed foods – so that we know what the ingredients are. This is very important when it comes to knowing how much sugar or sodium the product contains or whether it is artificially flavored, sweetened, colored or preserved. We are becoming more fussy, and with good reason, about organic free range poultry, pork and eggs; about grass fed beef and dairy products; and ...


This Often Discarded By-Product from our Breakfast Food has Top Ten Healing Ways |

Added November 20, 2012, Under: Skin Conditions, Top 10

I enjoy a lightly boiled free range egg just about every morning for my breakfast but never knew that lining the egg shell itself was a wonderful source of healing. It is the white skin or membrane that can be peeled off and used in so many different ways. There are anti-microbial and protein substances in the egg membrane lining that help the healing by both reducing the time it takes and minimizing any risk of scarring. The egg membrane lining is ...


With Its Tasty Kick, This Root Can Be King In The Kitchen |

Added November 17, 2012, Under: Nutrition

In a recent post where I described how to make the master tonic, one of the healthy ingredients was horseradish. Although my own dad used to grow this crop in his veggie garden and my mother would then make horseradish sauce to serve with the traditional British meal of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, I realized that I did not know much about the root itself. I have now found out more... It originated in south-eastern Europe and western Asia and is very hardy ...


Looking for a Natural Tonic to Keep You Healthy Throughout the Winter? We Have the Recipe |

Added November 13, 2012, Under: Nutrition

We write a lot on this blog about the importance of what we eat, the digestive system, about how the gut is our second brain and about healing in natural ways. Well, today I have come across this Master Tonic courtesy of Heal Thyself that can be made at home in your kitchen with easy to obtain, inexpensive ingredients AND it is very relevant to many of the posts that we publish here at Healing Natural Oils. Would you like to know more? You ...


You Might Not Be Aware of the Possible Dangers of This Common Food & Product Additive |

Added November 12, 2012, Under: Diseases, Nutrition

My daughter has come up with the word carrageenan which I have to admit I had never heard of but then I don't think it is used in my part of the world. Carrageenan is a food additive and, because it is derived from seaweed, it has been largely accepted by the natural health population without too much question. Mainly used as a thickening agent for various dairy items such as ice cream, cottage cheese and chocolate milk (as well as ...


Autoimmune Disease & Top 10 Tips for Combating This With the Food You Eat |

Added , Under: Diseases, Nutrition

Inflammation is behind so many diseases today that it really becomes vital to limit as much inflammation as possible and one of the ways this can be done is through the food you eat. Interestingly, there are foods to avoid and foods to take to optimize a healthier way to go. Food is the best and original medicine The top 10 foods to avoid if you want to limit inflammation in your system 1. Top of the list is sugar, and a veritable poison ...

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