Here is a Super Food Seed to Sprout that is Gluten & Wheat Free |

Added November 9, 2012, Under: Exercise, Nutrition

  There are so many choices when it comes to sprouting seeds but one of the easiest is buckwheat. Sprouted buckwheat is a really special food because although it tastes like a grain, it is gluten-free and grain-free. With so many people today needing to go gluten-free, buckwheat is the ideal replacement for wheat, rye, barley and triticale (which is a hybrid of wheat and rye). But there is more... Buckwheat is a complete source of protein. It has all 8 essential amino acids ...


Do You Eat Your Food Too Quickly? Time to Take Some Time with These Top 10 Tips |

Added November 5, 2012, Under: Nutrition, Top 10

Did you know that it takes some twenty minutes for your body's systems to register that you are actually full? So take it more slowly to give your body and your appestat (the hypothalamus) the chance to know there is just no more space. Try to stop eating before you think you are full. Taking more time and care when eating a meal is important to your whole digestive system. Take time to feel the textures, switch on your taste buds and ...


Could this Potent Antioxidant be Your Very Own “Fountain of Youth”? |

Added November 4, 2012, Under: Diseases

Throughout time, people have been searching for ways to regain or retain their youth whether it be the mythical fountain of youth, magic elixirs, plastic surgery or the modern day botox. Now there is a supplement that is making headlines because it appears to slow down aging and even increase the lifespan of human cells. While you may not look younger, it would seem that you could certainly feel younger. Resveratrol, which is an antioxidant found in grape skins, berries, cocoa and ...


Candida & Are You Feeding This Condition By The Lifestyle You Lead? |

Added November 1, 2012, Under: Health

One of the first signs that Candida has taken a hold is when you start to crave simple carbohydrates – such as white pasta, white bread and white rice - as well as all the sugars. Candida needs these “refined foods” to keep it going and feed the yeast infection. Starting in the gut, Candida usually develops because of The overuse or misuse of antibiotics without the balance of probiotics Those preservatives (which are chemicals) found in modern processed foods to stop them ...

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